Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Soccer Stud

Anson played soccer again this season.

We have LOVED watching our boy learn to play soccer, and make sweet friends.

The families on our soccer team are precious...and watching those boys play as a team, and laugh, and enjoy one another is so great!

Our coach is incredible, and we are terribly grateful for how he teaches the boys, challenges them, and yet cares for each of them.

Saturday, we played our end of the year tournament.

Three games in one Saturday!

Our hearts literally BROKE as the other team finally scored on us during overtime.

Our boys worked so hard, but ended up losing the game for the championship 0-1. Ugh!

I loved seeing them comfort one another after such a disappointing game.

I got choked up watching boys, who a few moments before were so passionate...turn around, a few moments later, and hug one another, pat each other on the back...

Have I mentioned in a while how much I LOVE BOYS?

Anson played harder this Saturday than we've ever seen him play.

He scored a goal.

He was on fire!

We're so proud of you, Bud!

Go Anson!

Go Lightning!!

and he's just so stinkin' handsome


Bob & Judy said...

Proud of ya, Anson! Congratulations on a great season.

Love you. Grandma

Anonymous said...

hey heather,

can i ask how you got the title block for your blog?? i have not had success making my blog cute, and your simple format is awesome. if you can direct me to where i can get something similar, that would be a huge help!

and yes, little boys are awesome. my little brother is 7 years younger than me and watching my parents raise him has given me a heart for little guys. so fun!

Hendrick Family said...

Oh man...I'm blog layout clueless.

Aaron made our header. I know that lots of people use layout designs from thecutestblogontheblock.

I would try there!

I wish I knew more about the layout part of the bloggy world!


Mrs. H. said...

Congratulations to Anson on a great season! A super great kid with a terrific family! :-)