Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Favorite Things

I am forever on a quest for creative, non-tv, non-computer type activities for our boys.

One of my favorite new finds are these books:

The Boys' Doodle Book

a peek inside
I will be using this book next year, during school for our creative writing prompts. How fun to draw the picture, and then write a story about it!

They also make a girl version for those of you who are raising one of those strange creatures.

To use now, the boys bought some of the books below with their birthday money. I've been thrilled to see all of our little guys, busy drawing and creating. It's not often I'm this impressed with something we buy at the store! They have literally spent hours with these books this week.

Hayden loves this one...

Ashton loves this one....

They all love this one...(Kirby got Hayden this book for his birthday. Boy does she know him. I think he slept with it in his bed this week.)

Another treasure was this book:

Remember Highlights...where you look for pictures in the drawings? Well...this book is like Highlights on steroids. It is super fat, has a bajillion colorful pages in it, and each page takes all three of my boys, working together about an HOUR to finish. This book now has a special place in this mom's heart. There is a two page picture, then a checklist on one side, of all the things you have to find in each picture.

I really can't recommend these books enough.


Molly said...

Wow, you are a wealth of knowledge for me as my boys get bigger. I am the same way about not liking to use the tv and computer for entertainment, so these are great ideas. Great gift ideas too! THanks for sharing!

alice said...

You mention "store"... did you get these locally or did you purchase off the web. These look GREAT!

Hendrick Family said...

Yes...we bought these books at Barnes and Nobles.

They are actually cheaper at Amazon, especially if you're a member and don't have to pay shipping, but I wanted our boys, in this instance, to go buy the books with their own money, pay for them, get the change, figure out how much their items would cost, etc.

The only one I did not see at Barnes and Noble is the uncoloring book. Those are sold on Amazon, for sure.

Have fun!