Monday, May 18, 2009

Maybe I Should Reconsider

Because when I find Ashton burying his brother in the back yard

it makes sticking the boys in front of the tv seem tempting.

Really, really tempting.

I walked outside and said, "Ashton what are you doing?"

He never stopped shoveling.

He just said, "Burying Hayden alive."

Thankfully, Hayden was only half buried when I heard Ashton say...

"Hayden, let's bury you alive in a little while. Right now, let's go look for worms."



The Williams Family said...

My neighbor has a 8 year old boy and a 5 month old little boy...she's always so scared when she's at my house b/c she's afraid my boys are gonna hurt themselves b/c they are so crazy...and basically just being boys. I can't wait to show her this picture!!

beccaellis said...

How do you keep their clothes clean? Is there some secret? Here in Abilene we have red dirt and if it gets in your clothes you might as well just throw them away. As far as I know there is no hope to ever getting them clean. So do ya'll have "play clothes" that are just for outdoors and getting trashed or is most everything in the drawer up for grabs? My oldest (almost 3) has new clothes and no already ruined hand-me-downs. What should my plan be for keeping some stuff nice?

Hendrick Family said...

SUCH a good question.

I'm no expert, but here's what I do...

First if there is a stain, I have found that Oxy Clean can get just about anything out. I have to soak the item in super hot water and lots of Oxy Clean before washing it but for the most's rare if I can't get something out with that stuff.

As far as play clothes go...

Everything in their cabinet is up for grabs, but I have several shirts and shorts I keep separate for things like church, and going out to eat.

I will say...

For the first half of my mothering, I was way too silly about having cute, spotless boys when we went places. I like them to look nice at church and restaurants, but I mean, I was silly any time we were in public.

This means, I was CONSTANTLY nagging them about staying clean, and getting upset when they didn't.

It took awhile, but I decided this is NOT the kind of kid I want to raise. I want them to be KIDS! I want them to be BOYS! And so now, the occasions are far more rare where I feel like they have to look like they just stepped out of an Old Navy commercial.

For me, honestly I had to quit being so prideful. I thought if people saw us in public and the boys were dirty they would think I was a bad mom, or that we were poor.

How shallow and dumb was I?

God needed to fix some stuff in my heart, so that my kids could be free from caring what people thing (in this area) and just be free to be boys and kids without their mom getting upset over their appearance constantly.

I'm sure that was way more than you were asking Becca...sorry...but that's just one area where God has had to work overtime in my heart.


Andrea said...

Ha! I can't see the picture. This is the message I get.

Reason for restriction: Forbidden Category "Nudism"

What kinda pictures are you posting of your children, anyway? :)

I'm sure we just have an overzealous security setting but I thought ou'd get a kick of it.

Hendrick Family said...

Ha! That is funny.

They are very dirty, but NOT naked! They are completely clothed.


Whitney Swanson said...

haha your boys are PRECIOUS!!
hey did you/aaron get the email i sent sunday?

D.O. said...


I feel sorry for commenter "Andrea" who can't see the picture. That picture made me laugh three separate times.

In semi-related news, I decided the other day that I'm going to move to whatever city your boys attend college in when the time comes. I'm going to try and be for them what y'all were for me.

beccaellis said...

Thank you Heather! You answered my question very thoroughly ;-) I am trying --and with your advice will try even harder, to not get irritated when their clothes get trashed. But my kids can instantly get REALLY dirty. They are also so small that they can do next to nothing to help me clean 'em up. I do take them out in public with dirty shirts pretty often. It was a little bit of a pride issue for me also. But at this point (with husband being gone for 3 months now) I think I'm not neccisarily less prideful, just too tired to care. Thanks for the good advice. I appricate you.