Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It Has Been Added to Our Dictionary

Because of my niece, we erased the word, "wedgie" from our family's vocabulary and instead call the unfortunate incidence when your undergarments are traveling to uninvited parts of your behind...a "washie."

Because of Ashton, we no longer say someone tooted.

Instead, when smelly air makes its way out of your behind we Hendricks now call that offense "pooting the cheese."

"Did you poot the cheese?"

I laugh every time I hear one of my boys ask someone that question.

As of last week we no longer say "sunscreen."

The other day, Ashton said, "Mom, don't forget to put on my summer screen."

summer screen

How cute is that?

Now, that white stuff you put on your skin to keep from getting cancer will forever be referred to as summer screen.


This just in....Charlie reminded me of another Hendrickism.

Neck Chunks

That one makes me laugh every time.


Charlie said...

Still my favorite Hendrickism is 'neck chunks' - the weapon so masterfully wielded by a teenage mutant ninja turtle or a curly, red-headed, tot-loving highschool kid.


Carrie said...

Kids say the darndest things! Your boys are precious!

Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

Alex used to call it sun scream. I love when they do that.

Garratts said...

Mike and his sister are 10 years apart so when they were growing up he used to teach her the wrong words for everything.

So she would go around calling normal things the most ridiculous names.


Feldman Family said...

The Feldmans want to comment on Ashley's comment.....we can't IMAGINE Mike doing that!

Lerin said...

I just LOVE kid-isms. We got some great ones over here too!