Thursday, May 21, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

During Spring Break, our family spent some time putting in a vegetable garden.

I didn't tell anyone because....let's just say, the Hendricks + their yearly vegetable garden = a running joke among our friends.

We try just about every year to have a vegetable garden. We work hard. We get dirty. We have fun. We get NOTHING TO EAT.

What makes the jokes even more funny is that my husband has an ag degree. It's hard to imagine Aaron as an ag major with his graphic tees and thick, trendy black glasses...but he was an ag major. He sat in classes with people wearing belt buckles. Let's all pause and smile. Not only did Aaron take some soil science classes...he took a lot of soil science classes...and yet, Aaron has confessed that we Hendricks would have starved to death if our lives depended on our garden.

It's weird to think of Aaron in ag classes a few years ago, and today making movies and strumming a guitar. College never know what you're going to be doing in the future, no matter what you're studying right now. So maybe chill out on the "freaking out over college stuff," okay? Work hard. Be a good steward of your time. Love God, His people and the church more than anything else. You'll never regret that.

Back to the garden...

So far, we're right on schedule to keep our friends laughing and cracking garden jokes at our expense.

Look at my garden...

So pretty.

So lush.

So green.

So tall.

And yet, there's not really any food growing in there.

No tomatoes on those six feet tall plants.

Thanks to some smart farmers, we bought some fertilizer this week and hopefully, we'll actually grow some food in our vegetable garden...that's hard for me to believe...but apparently, food is actually supposed to come out of these cool things.

I also have herbs and what not.

Rosemary. Yum.

I use this in soup and to make these delicious oven potatoes.

I feel like a cool hippy grabbing a handful of this to throw in some guacamole.

I don't know why I planted this. It smells good. That was my only reason. Anyone know what I should do with this stuff?

And then there are two plants that were here when we moved in this house. I don't know what they are.

Anyone know what this is? Connie, can you help?

Or this? Closeup below. Can I eat it?

Even if we don't get much food out of this garden, I love having one. The boys go out every morning to "check the garden." They all worked to plant the seeds. They love to be in charge of watering it. And my favorite sons ate green beans for a snack at the swimming pool the other day. That's weird, even for my kids whose parents are big fat meany faces and make them eat their dinner every night. The boys ate green beans for a snack! Isn't that nuts? But they were so super duper excited that those green beans came out of our garden. I don't know why, but the fact that we grew them, magically made green beans delicious.


thoughtsbyryan said...

Yeah... I'm getting a little frustrated with our "garden" too.

Our tomatoes are just really suckin it up for sure. The one plant that is supposed to produced normal looking tomatoes got kinda big, had some clumps of green tomatoes growing, and then, out of the blue, that plant turned a little yellow and just stopped growing. The tomatoes never grew any more but eventually turned red. And our other tomato plant got kinda big but has no fruit on it. Rrrr.

I do have some cerrano peppers coming in... I don't know what I'll do with all of them... if you want some, I can give you some.

And... I have regular mint (not spearmint), and we mainly use it to brew with our tea. It makes our tea taste really good.


CarpioFamily said...

ok, for the mint.

My sweet SIL gave me this idea.
You need:
Lemon juice
Mint leaves
a little bit of Sugar (if you want)

We make more of a minty lemony water. It's so refreshing in summer over crushed ice.

What we do is get a small cup and put the mint in, then with a smaller cup or votive holder( clean) sort of cruch/mash the leaves, you don't have to mash hard, just a little bit. Then add that and about lemon juice, about 2-3 lemons juiced to the water in a pitcher and bam, some thing that looks and taste like square one would serve.

Connie said...

The one with yellow flowers is called butterfly weed, I think. my computer is stupid and the picture won't enlarge but that is my guess.

Good for attracting butterflies, needs lots of sun, average water, it's a perennial so it should die back in the winter and grow again in the spring to then flower all summer.

I'll have to go back and look at the other one you posted.

Jana said...

Hey Heather....The mint you can make tea with...just like tea bags. Steep the boiling water w/ the mint an honey! Keep up the goodd work!

Matt and Sarah Pitts said...

Is your rosemary 5 feet tall?? Or is that just the perspective? So far all we have "harvested" is some cilantro for salsa, and some basil that I ended up throwing away. Of our four tomato plants, only one has produced a green tomato. And our carrots have sprung up about 1.5 inches. But Matt and I sure do enjoy watering!

I think the best part of growing mint is that you can smell it when the wind blows.


Hendrick Family said...

No, the Rosemary is not very tall. But, my neighbors have some in their yard that comes up above my waist. Is that normal?


Feldman Family said...

be patient on the squash - both male & female parts have to flower before anything will produce. if your tomato plants are flowering but not producing you can try to "swat" them with a rolled up newspaper, or gently shake them, to cause pollination.
I too have no tomatoes but beautiful plants - i have a call in to my granny! :)