Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Butter Crunch? Anyone?

Once upon a time, I was sitting in church listening to a missionary speak.

Before I go on, I'll let you in on a pathetic, lame truth about myself.

Every single time I see a movie, or in this case, hear a missionary speak, I decide I want to do what the person on the movie does for a living, or be a know...whatever I'm watching, I want to be that person.

I'm sure this says something sad about me. I just don't know what sad thing it says.

So I'm sitting...

In church, listening to the missionary, thinking, for about the 900th time that God is telling me to move to Africa. Well, not 900 times, but take the number of times I've heard a missionary speak, and that's the EXACT amount of times, I've thought I was supposed to be a missionary to a far away place.

I had to mention that part about me wanting to be a spy, a girl who works in a hardware store, a hip hop dancer, an inner city teacher, or a wedding planner, in case anyone thinks that God was really prompting me to Africa.

So far, I don't think He is.

I just think I'm silly and do that weird "I wish I were that person" thing.

Back to me sitting in church listening to the missionary...

I go through all the normal, "I think God is asking me to be a missionary" steps.

Step 1.

Cool. I could be a missionary, eat weird food, live an exotic, non-normal life...tell people that Jesus loves them.

Step 2.

Imagine myself walking around African villages with black babies on my hips. In these imaginary scenes, I always look exactly like Angelina Jolie does when she's in Africa. Yet another reason why I don't think me wanting to be a missionary has very much to do with Jesus. Imagining me, with gigantic lips, and chiseled arms...I don't know...just seems suspicious if you ask me.

Step 3.

Start thinking of all the reasons why I can't leave Texas.

I'm sad to admit this, but it's true...

Bluebell Ice cream always comes up in my mind WAY closer to the top of the list of reasons I can't move to Africa than it should.

I'm ashamed.

I remember thinking...

"I would never get to eat Blue Bell ice cream again."

And then, the next thing that goes through my mind is...

"I just thought of Blue Bell Ice Cream before I thought of dying a martyrs death or not seeing my friends and extended family for long periods of time...what the cheese is wrong with me?"

Blue Bell Butter Crunch Ice Cream
You need to try this ... like maybe today ... like maybe don't even read the rest of this post ... just go get some. Eat it for dinner.

When people bring ice cream over to our house, but it's not Blue Bell, I have to pause and work really hard to continue liking those people.


SocialWkr24/7 said...

Stop! You are making me miss BlueBell Ice Cream!! I've lived in Texas 3 times (and a multitude of other places) and I really miss the BlueBell!!

Hendrick Family said...

I know! I honestly grieve with you.


thoughtsbyryan said...

This is my new favorite ice cream! Sara had been eying it for a few weeks and something about the name just didn't sit right with me. But, the other day, Kroger was selling 3 gallons for $10... so, Sara got to get her Butter Crunch and then we got 2 gallons of something else.

I just ate the last bit of it last night... and I have to admit that when we had people at our house the other night, I almost wanted to hide it so that they wouldn't eat any. (SINNER... I'm a sinner!!)

I told Sara last night that I wish we would have just bought 3 gallons of Butter Crunch rather than waste our money on something else.

Also... you are absolutely right you wouldn't last a minute in another country Heather! I can remember specific times when I went to the grocery store in Malawi and would look at the super expensive cartons of ice cream that taste more like crunch butter and just sighing and dreaming of my Blue Bell factory tour that I went on several years back.

Other people that I worked with from different parts of the world had to hear about the wonders of Blue Bell and probably talked about me behind my back, questioning my faith.

It's a hard life... no doubt!


Kirby said...

Well, I'm pathetic with you. Nevermind, the sleeping in, flowers, breakfast, and other gifts that Charlie got me for Mother's Day. It was the Blue Bell Buttercrunch that melted my heart. He knows his wife. All the other things...though they were lovely...were just bonuses.

And...I'm also pathetic b/c I'm starting to be sad that my strep throat is going away. No more "justifiable" excuses to eat Buttercrunch for every meal.

Lindsay said...

I have never been happier than when we got Blue Bell in Nashville, three years ago. I went to Kroger the day they stocked their shelves and stocked my freezer. I'll have to see if we have Butter Crunch here, sometimes, they don't sell the same flavors here that they do in Houston. If they don't have it here, I'll look for it this summer when we are in Houston. Sounds like one I would like. Have you ever tried their little size container of Homemade Vanilla and Orange Sherbert? Oh my good. I've only seen that in Houston, in the summer, but at random stores. Chocolate Brownie Overload is another fave. Obviously, I share your love of Blue Bell. After all, it is the best ice cream in the country. Have yourself a Blue Bell kind of day.

The Arguellos said...

Heather, I love your blog, but now you've got this missionary craving Butter Crunch and it definitely can't be found in Nicaragua. :( Will you eat some for me? We don't have Eskimo, Nicaraguan icecream, in our fridge either. What's a girl to do?

Connie said...

Levi and I had to settle this from the beginning of our marriage. I said go get ice cream. He came back with Dreyer's. Argument ensued. I mocked his sorry excuse for ice-cream...which I refer to as cardboard flavored frozen substance...and educated him on just what exactly "go get ice cream" means (from now on) in our marriage.

He may as well have bought one of those econo sized barrels they serve at big church functions or really just give me a piece of cold card board and let me chew on that for a while.

Same difference.

The Lourceys said...

We don't have Bluebell in Wake Forest and we are SO sad about it. It's my husband's absolute favorite and he got me hooked when we were dating. I can't wait to go to FL so we can try this kind.

Hendrick Family said...

Yes. Amen Connie. Amen.

emily jane said...

i love how kirby left out the fact that in our hope group, we REQUIRE blue bell. like all the other foods we "let" people sign up for on their own, but dessert - you have to be chosen. because if we don't know you, or we aren't sure you'll bring blue bell... you cannot bring dessert.

we laugh about it, but only because we're totally not joking at all....

when i was a kid, we took FAMILY PICTURES in matching shirts that said "i get cranky without my blue bell" and had a picture of ice cream with a crank on it.

..... pathetic. but at least i know i was raised well.

Anonymous said...

Can someone describe this flavor? I always hit the $3.33 Kroger Blue Bell and have seen Butter Crunch, but like Ryan, the name makes me think of a big tub of Country Crock.

What is the little explanation at the bottom of the name?


Hendrick Family said...

Oh yes...I can describe it.

What it is NOT...

Butter Ice Cream. The name makes my stomach churn too.

What it IS...

A Butterfinger Blizzard made with Blue Bell Ice Cream, instead of whatever that stuff is Dairy Queen uses.

Go get your pregnant wife some Brock. You'll be her hero.


Lerin said...

I am definitely looking forward to having my baby because I want to SEE him/her, HOLD him/her, and NOT be pregnant anymore.

But... I am also looking forward to not having GD anymore, so I can have some Butter Crunch ice cream too. ;)

the herzogs said...

i think HEB has blue bell 2/$6 through Tuesday :-)

The Floyds said...

i thought i should inform all you butter crunch lovers....

my husband and i stopped by the blue bell creamery today on our way to austin to enjoy some good 'ol ice cream.

the sweet lady behind the counter let me know they are halting the producting of butter crunch! like now! :( it is "seasonal" and will not be sold again until next summer.

buy all you can today if you like it b/c it will not be available for much longer.

Susan said...

I was pointed here by a friend and... well, holy wow, you articulated what I think and do! Even the conversation with God... and the Texas part. (Austinite here)

Now you're bookmarked. Muhaha!

Hendrick Family said...

So nice to meet you Susan!

Welcome to our wackyness.


pepperrancher said...

Ran into this off the Houston Press food blog. Fun stuff! Favorite memory of Bluebell: back in the 80s they hired Dana, Linda and Ginger from Velvet Hammer (an all-girl Houston heavy metal band that it would be a reach to call either Christian or family-oriented) to do a TV ad. Sweet, fun, talented ladies and for a wonderful while my upstairs neighbors. They shed the leather and studs and put on pioneer-lady dresses and sunbonnets; then stood in a field with some cows and sang the Bluebell song in beautiful three-part harmony. As soon as it aired, some excitable twit at the Texas headquarters of the National Organization of Women in Austin issued a press release calling for a boycott of Bluebell for stereotyping Texas women as fat, stupid and rural. None of which was remotely applicable. NOW issued an apology soon after, but for years afterwards when the girls were doing a gig and were going to take a break they would first gather around the mike and sing "Bluebell.. the best ice cream in the country!"

Anonymous said...

Ok.. I am looking for a recipe for a friend and for some reason your listing came up! With the first line I got interested in what you had to say so got stuck reading the whole thing... LOL Let me just say you seem like a hooot... Thought you might never get to the point of your story with all the added information but the whole time I was laughing at what you had to say " ) I never tried Blue Bell Ice cream because I don't believe they sell it in Boston but I am going to Texas in Oct so I will have to look for it and try some. Needless to say I stoll dont' have my recipe but now I have a funny story to tell! LOL Tina

Angelique said...

Look on bluebells website, they say it is seasonal, coming out in October for 3 months only. Let's all pray they keep it on the shelves longer. My husbands favorite is mint chocolate chip, but when I get butter Crunch he seems to help me empty my 1/2 gallon first and then he goes to his mint. I wish this was not seasonal. We need to start a petetition and Blue Bell workers need to sample the butter crunch since the name scares everyone,and it will be a best seller.

Bruce said...

Can we please start a petition to have Blue Bell Butter Crunch removed from a label of seasonal and moved to the permanent production line?