Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We Did It!

Hopefully Ryan has some great pics
of the race we can look through.
When he has them ready, I'll let you know!


I haven't posted since the race.

Did you think I died?

I could blame my blog ignoring on being so sore, I was walking around like a 90 year old lady...but that's not why I didn't write yesterday.

The pool opened.

Need I say more?

Saturday was eventful.

Rain, lightning...

the race was postponed.

Some of us met back up at the park at 1 to run in the most humid weather imaginable.

Even though the weather was yuck, the ground was wet, there was a gigantic hill, my ipod was stupid and I couldn't find any of the songs I wanted...we did it.

I think a lot of the ladies were a little disappointed.

They were looking forward to adrenaline kicking in and being able to run even further than they thought they could.

Adrenaline seemed to be no match for the humidity, running in the afternoon and the hill.

It was easy to get discouraged, but we reminded ourselves that just a short 8 weeks ago, these women thought running one mile was the funniest thing they had ever heard in their life.

They couldn't run more than a minute or two 8 weeks ago...

And yet there they were, with a number pinned to their shirts, running a 3.2 mile course.

Some had to walk.

Some wanted to crawl.

But we all saw the impossible become a lot more possible.

These women ran.

They ran further than they ever thought they could just WEEKS ago.

As I stood there waiting to take off (that makes it sound like I was running like Speedy Gonzales...nope...maybe I should say, as I stood there waiting to start moving) I was kind of struck with this weird thought...

"I, Heather Hendrick am running in a race. There is a number pinned to my shirt."

How weird is that?

The only thing that would be more weird than this, is if I was standing here with a helmet on my head about to be in a motorcycle race.

I was about to run 6.2 miles without stopping.


I looked at the ladies waiting to start the race, and thought to myself that this right here...before we ever start is something to celebrate.

I don't think most of us would have ever imagined we would be running in a race.

That's just not who we are.

It's not who we were.

A bunch of non-runners running a race.

I thought to myself...."I don't care what happens during this race, what has already happened is a miracle."

The ladies did such a beautiful job.

They finished strong.

They all look so cute in their t-shirts.

Their lives and their stories inspire me so much.

There were times when NOTHING else besides knowing that those women were running around that course, hurting, pushing themselves kept me going. I can't even describe what it felt like to know that they were in this with me.


cristina said...

um, i have been feeling so bummed that i missed this, but now reading about the hill, well, maybe i'm okay.

but seriously, i am going on with my training (since i got off pace with a flu and spring break), and i'll run SOMETHING soon.

i'm also sort of assuming this was the first annual run for compassion...

Dena Palermo said...

Well, Mary, Caitlyn and I just signed up for a 5K for THIS Saturday! It's for SOS, another great cause. You really started something Heather. I just want to keep running!

Lerin said...

Congratulations! :)