Friday, April 10, 2009

Today I will be a Granny

I just sent a truck load of boys off to the farm to blow things be with a bunch of men who love them and love God.

While all the men in our lives are off being a little bit dangerous, a little bit silly and a little bit serious, some sweet friends of mine are about to head over here to my house and we're going to learn how to "can."

You know...that stuff your grandma used to's happening in my kitchen today, minus the granny.

We're going to make jelly and can it.

Who are we?

I've always wanted to learn to do this.

Since strawberries are on sale for a little over a dollar a container at HEB this week, this seemed like a great time to learn how to make jelly.

I've been trying to reduce the amount of corn syrup our family consumes.

One of the things I just can't do is pay a whopping $5-7 for a tiny jar of jelly. That's how much jelly with no corn syrup in it costs. I haven't been able to find it any cheaper.

If you pay that price, then more power to you...but really...there are a ton of people in this house, and we Hendricks, plus the non-Hendricks who are usually sitting around our table could eat an entire jar of that pricey stuff during ONE meal.

That's one of my rules about learning to eat healthier food.

The minute I feel myself being stingy, or rationing our food because it's too expensive due to it being "better for you" then I'm done. I try to figure out a new plan. I am bound and determine to eat healthier, have lots of food around this house and lots of people over here sharing it with us.

If this jelly turns out great today, this will DEFINITELY be the new plan!

I bought 18 cartons of strawberries yesterday and only paid $22. Awesome!

I already had the jars.

Pectin is cheap.

So is sugar. Kirby and I actually got the sugar for free from Kroger.

Lynsey's precious friend, Mandi schooled us in jelly making.

Today we're making jelly and I'm freezing a ton of strawberries for our smoothies. At $1.24 a carton, that's WAY cheaper than buying the ones that are already frozen from the store.

If this goes well today, I may even go back and buy some more. Maybe I won't have to buy strawberries until this time next year.

There is no other way to describe it.

I seriously feel like a granny.

Never in a million years did I think I would be "putting up" some strawberry jelly.

Never in a million years did I think I would be "putting up" some strawberries for smoothies.

Never in a million years did I think I'd know what a good deal was, or talk about price per pound.

Who am I? I really want to know.

If you want to learn to do this, I'll take lots of notes today and maybe even some pictures so we can share our granny ways with you.


Jana said...

I JUST told my freind LAST WEEk that I wanted to learn to do this. PLEASE take notes and post...I will get some ladies together and well try!! :)

Brandi said...

I made jelly for the first time last year. I posted about it here. it was fun! maybe i'll try again soon with the strawberries. have fun!

MacKenzie said...

Sounds like fun. I've always wanted to learn how to can. I made freezer jam a while back and loved it - all the fun of making your own jam, none of the hassle. But it would have been nice to be able to store it elsewhere.

But if you ever want to buy jam again you should try the HEB brand more fruit spread. It isn't too expensive (about $1.50 for a medium size jar) and it uses sugar and not corn syrup. Some of their flavors are excellent (4 berry is my favorite). I'm sure it won't taste as good as homemade though, but it works .

Bob & Judy said...

Nothing is prettier than a shelf full of shiny, new jars of homemade jam. Hope you had a great time doing this.

Hendrick Family said...

It was a SUCCESS!

I can't stop looking at all my jelly.

Love it!

What else can I can???

Mandy said...

I looove Mandi... all of us can learn a lot from that girl! Congratulations on your jelly! I would just sit and stare at it too.

Rachel said...

That's so funny--I bought a ton of strawberries last week and made jelly, too. I love the pectin-free recipe I have from It is so easy.

I also dehydrated a bunch of strawberries for oatmeal and made a batch of fruit leather.

Welcome to the world of canning and preserving your food!