Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stay Small?

Dear Hudson,

It has come to my attention, that no matter how much I wish you would stay little, you are refusing to comply.

Standing up?

Growing teeth?

Trying to walk?

Who said you could do those things?

It certainly was NOT your mother.

Sweet baby, please...please...stop this nonsense.

Can't you stay small forever?

Is that too much to ask?

No matter how much I begged them to stay tiny, your older brothers just laughed at me and grew taller and taller, smarter and smarter and pretty soon, began saying awful, mean things like, "I'm a big boy Mommy. I want to do this by myself."

The nerve.

So baby boy I'm begging you...

stay small

stay cuddly

stay put

stay in my arms and on my lap

Cause I know, one day, Daddy won't let me have any more little ones to squeeze. He's gently warned me that eventually people stop adding babies to their home.

He says one day, I'll have to borrow other people's babies.

You might be the last of the Hendricks.

Notice how "the last of the Hendricks" sounds a lot like the Last of the Mohicans?

I guarantee you the thought of having no more babies in this house to love, to hold, to smother with kisses seems as tragic to me as that movie.

Little one...

I'll ask you this every day.

I'll never stop.

Could you, would you, please pretty please, stay little forever?




Anonymous said...

AWWWW!!! I was cooking dinner last night and Corey walked up to me and put his arm around me and I looked down to see his sweet face but had to raise my head because he is now eye to eye with me.

I started crying then said, "I told you to stop growing" and he kissed me and walked away smiling.


Hendrick Family said...

No!!!! Why can't these boys just STOP IT already?

No more growing!!

Lerin said...

I can relate, Mama!!! He is so freakin' cute with teeth though, you have to admit. ;)

Molly said...

Oh sister, that is precious. I am the same way. It just goes too fast and it seems with each new little addition I realize how quickly it will go and only want to slow it down more. With the first you know you'll have more so it's not near as tragic. But even with sis, I wonder if the next will be our last. I haven't done near the transitioning with her that I had already done with the boys. At 6 months, they were done with bottles. She's almost 8 months and I have hardly tried cups with her.

Thanks for this sweet note to let me know I am not alone. And, I LOVE that sweet picture. He is such a hunk! Please kiss him for me and Sadiebug.

The Kramer Family said...

My word that baby is precious! I'm with you.....they ALL should stop growing!

I was going to put "GROW" on Laney Rae's wall in cute wooden letters, but I think I will put a big fat "DON'T" at the beginning!

Bob & Judy said...

Love that little face!

The little face that I told to stop growing up will be 32 this week.


the herzogs said...

Heather you made me cry!! I think that all the time and Caleb is our first! I feel like I can barely hold him anymore he's so big, his 3rd tooth is coming in, he's crawling and standing and going everywhere, and just getting to look less like a baby boy and more like a boy...I am trying to embrace everything he does and his stages as he grows, but sometimes it's really hard! Thanks for the way you put things into words that others can identify with but not put into such great words (see, even that sentence was weird and bad!). Enjoy your growing precious BABY boy. :-)