Monday, April 13, 2009

Not the Same

Still haven't registered for the race this weekend??

Hurry! Go! Today! Now! Do not pass go! Just Go register!

Jenn is a mess, trying to get this all organized, and it would help her TREMENDOUSLY for you to register today if you're participating on Saturday.

Everyone who registers early gets a t-shirt that looks like this...way to go Charlie! This will be my new favorite T. If you don't register early, you might not get a t-shirt. Gasp! How sad would that be?

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Nicki said...

I'm looking forward to these posts, but I'm also afraid of what you are about to lay down (or what God will use you to say, rather). When you posted this 8 weeks ago- I was in the clear. I was 7 and a half months pregnant, and no where near college station, so I was in your "This doesn't apply to me" group of readers. I had our (healthy, beautiful) baby boy two weeks ago today, and feel pretty good for having just had a baby. I was going to start exercising again at the two week mark if I wasn't physically wrecked, and although I still am no where near college Station, I feel that God has a lot to teach me about discipline, perseverance, and treating my body well. Challenge away, Heather.