Wednesday, April 22, 2009

If You Want to Swim

I looked at this picture and thought..."Man, we have a lot of babies."

Look at the child to mother ratio. That can't even be safe.

It's that time of year again...

The time when a bunch of moms load up their kids every day and head to the pool.

If you want to know when we'll all be swimming during the week, email me at

I'll put together an email group so we can let each other know where we'll be.

I love summer.

I love seeing my kids playing, almost every day with their friends.

I love seeing my sweet friends too, and meeting new friends at the pool.

I love how good swimming is for my kid's bodies.

I love how fat just looks better tan...come know it does.

I love all the conversations that go on between moms of all ages, and between married and single women.

College girls...if you're here, and bored, come hang out with us! If you're in college and feel insecure about your body, I always say..."Come hang out with all the moms at the pool. We'll do wonders for your self esteem!"


Have I mentioned I love it?


Mrs. H. said...

Hey Heather,
I was wondering when this pic was taken? That is my nephew in the background! I recognized his swim suit!
Laurie :-)

Hendrick Family said...

That's funny Laurie!

We took that picture the very last week of summer last year.

Cute nephew!!


Mrs. H. said...

Ok! Yes, I think I was probably there that day, but that was before I was blessed to know you! :-)

Monica said...


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You're so right! Going into a store and coming out with lots of free or CHEAP stuff is soooo fun! Most of this stuff I wouldn't have bought otherwise...but if it's free, why not? I'll use it eventually. Thanks for getting me started! :)