Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hudson's Room Got a Facelift!

My trip was a success.

And by success I mean, I successfully went 5 hours without using a porta potty!

Let's all clap.

Sorry...I REFUSE to "go" in a closet filled with a crowd's poo.

I'd rather run out into a nearby pasture and "go" behind a cow.

I wanted to share with you one of my FAVORITE booths in Warrington.

It's run by Jennifer Warner, with Salvage Style.

I could LIVE in there.

When I walk in, I immediately think...I want all of this stuff...ALL OF IT.

She is so creative.

She makes me want to come home and paint everything in my house.

Go check out her stuff here.

Take your time.

Look slowly.

Let the cuteness overtake you.

I bought my baby boy the cutest H to go over his bed.

You can custom order the name plaques, or single letter tins.

These would be the SWEETEST gifts for friends hosting baby showers to go in together and get a new mommy!


Molly said...

So cute Heather! I love your take on porta potties! I agree about the pasture being a better option!

LOVE that letter!

Praying for you all for tomorrow. So excited (and maybe a tid jealous) that the judge makes a big deal of the event. The 2 we've had in the past have not even congratulated us. They mostly acted like our hearing was a bother...seriously! Can't wait to hear about it! What a special day!

The Williams Family said...

My friend picked up an "A" just like this up there last year! She's got her's hanging on her front door. So funny ya'll like the same was her first time to go and she loved it!

matt, larra, and brody said...

I LOVE her stuff! I spent so much time in her booth on Monday! I wanted to find the perfect piece of furniture for Carson's room and have her fancy it up for me...but I didn't come across anything out there. And I definitely wanted those cute letters! She's so talented! She's definitely my favorite vendor, by far!

Jana said...

Heather...I love all the $$$ saving posts...I joined the Grocery Game and cant wait to start soon...I have a??? for you-
In your blog, how do you link another page to your page?
Ex: When you say...Go HERE(and this takes us somewhere else) I am not SOOOOO good w/ computers and I have been trying to do it in my blog but cant figure it out!!! HELP!!!!

Jessica said...

Aw, Heather I love that place. That's where this gift from my roommate came from.

We LOVE Warrenton/Antique Show!!

The Kramer Family said...

Love that "H"! Especially today! Its precious. I can't wait to see it in person.

Jana said...

Hey...I figured it out....THANK YOU !!!!!