Friday, April 03, 2009

How to Be A Swaggernaut...Frugal Week Finale

Want to know how to make your swagbucks account grow? This post is going to sound very technical and depending on how computer savvy you are, possibly pretty goofy. I just read back over this post, and it also sounds bossy. I could go in, edit and "nice" it up...but hey...I'm a firstborn, and when I was a wee-little girl I was nicknamed "bossy boots" by my today...bossy it is! want your swagbucks account to grow?

1. Here are some tips from swagbucks.

2. If you shop online, then you might want to check out the "Shop and Earn" section of swagbucks. If you're going to shop online anyway, might as well make some swagbucks doing it! I also check out Retail me Not before I shop. They usually have additional promo codes to use.

3. Yes you can make swagbucks searching, (I've actually considered making my kids type in all their spelling words every week for "practice.") Maybe when they are older, instead of grounding them, I'll make them search words on swagbucks for hours at a time. I'm kidding. No one call CPS. Teachers, instead of assigning sentences, you could make kids search words on swagbucks after school. Okay...I'll stop.

Searching is ONE way to grow your account, but the main way you get swagbucks is by setting up an account, and then getting other people to sign up under you. Every time your friends win, you win! Since you are signed up under me, every time you win a dollar, I win a dollar! So thanks for being such great searchers!


Post about swagbucks on your blog. Explain what it is. Tell your friends that you know people who have actually cashed in their bucks for real prizes. I would have never signed up if Kirby had not already won REAL prizes! Consider hosting a giveaway to get more swagbucks. You don't have to give away a $20 giftcard. Just pick something fun!

Place an advertisement in your sidebar for swagbucks (your referral number is linked to the button, so that when people sign up, you get credit). Go here to get the html codes. Copy and paste the code you want (just not the top one. That's for a link, or something you would use in your email.) Then, go to your dashboard. Click on "Layout." Click on "Add a Gadget." Click on html/java script. Then paste the code inside the box. Save your settings, and wah-lah.

You will also want to explain to people how to set their computers up so that using swagbucks is easier.

If you haven't done this already, then one way to grow your own account is to make using swagbucks super convenient. Go here.

This will let you add swagbucks in your toolbar. This means, up in the top of your screen, it will no longer say google. It will say "sb". This way, every time you search you can make sure you're using swagbucks. Download the plugin. Then, you may have to restart your computer. Once you have, you may also have to go up to your toolbar at the top of your screen...see that little down arrow next to your search toolbar? Click on it and select "sb."

Once you've invited people on your blog to join, explain that stuff to them too. You can just cut and paste the instructions from my blog. I don't care! Really, if it would be easier to just cut and paste what I've already written, in any of these posts about swagbucks, you have my permission to make your life easier.

If you have a blog, you should also keep reading and try doing the stuff below for all the people in your life who still haven't jumped on the "reading blogs" thing.


Then EMAIL all your friends and family explaining swagbucks and ask them to go sign up for you.

You can EITHER go here and type in all the email addresses you want to can go here and copy the information out of the first white box. Make sure your reference number is at the end of the http address. See it?

Then cut and paste this information in an email to the people you know...I mean, can write your own email if you want, but if that thought makes you want to cry, then feel free to just copy this!

Hey Friends and Family,

Can you do me a favor? I recently found out about this cool online search engine called Swagbucks. Basically, it's like google, (it's actually powered by google) but it pays you money when you use it.
Now, instead of using google, I use swagbucks so that I can eventually cash in my swagbucks for things like gift cards to Itunes, Apple, Target, Macys, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Starbucks. I know this works, because a friend of mine posted it on her blog! She has already won $100 in FREE target gift cards!

I will get more swagbucks if you create an account. You'll also start earning swagbucks just for joining.
Signing up is very easy. All you do is go here: (then enter your html code you copied from here. Most email programs will automatically make the address a link). That's all you have to do! If you signed up, and want to know how to grow your own account and make your own swagbucks, let me know. I can tell you how to switch your toolbar over so that you're always using swagbucks.
(You can link to this post if you want, but only if you think it will help people believe that Swagbucks is the real deal. I swear I'm not trying to get more readers. You people are overwhelming enough...hee hee! You might want to make sure your friends know NOT to sign up under me. Besides, that promo will be over, anyway!)

The main thing to remember is to MAKE SURE your referral number is at the end of every html code you post on your blog, or use in your email.
Happy Swag Recruiting!

Thank you all for signing up this week! If you still haven't signed up, I think you can until midnight tonight. The give away and promo code are found here.
Let me know if any of the links in this post didn't work, or if you have questions. I want to help you grow your account! Like I said...I don't want to be the only one sitting around wondering what on earth I'm going to spend all this swag money on! There's only so many things a person needs from Target. I wish Compassion or GFA would set up swag accounts! How cool would that be to be able to give our swagbucks to places like that? Anyone got any connections to make that happen?

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Kim said...

Another way to get big swagbucks is to trade in old cell phones or mp3 players. for instance, I got a free ipod mini about 4 years ago when I bought a computer. i mailed it in and got 48 swagbucks! wahoo! :)