Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy BD Honey

We wish you a Happy Birthday.

We also wish you had dreadlocks.

We love you Husband and Daddy.

Whatever would we do if you were never born?

-- wife, Anson, Hayden, Ashton and Hudson


Bob & Judy said...

The day that Anson Hendrick was born, I knew that you would finally begin to understand how much your parents love you.

You were a happy, funny, curious little guy, and we're so proud of the man you are.

We love you and bless you (and the horse you rode up on).

Mom & Dad

Jana said...

I love this!!! Love the dreadlocks comment!!! HeHeHeHe
Happy Birthday!!!

D.O. said...

YES! Happy B to the man who taught me way more than he likely realizes.

I love you, Aaron.

No shame.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the best Son-inlaw a father could ask for!

Heather's Dad

Sherman said...

Happy Birthday Aaron!

I'm glad I've never cried from my wee wee because of Aaron.
Awkward... For me anyhow.

Seriously though, Aaron you are an awesome man of God, serving your (and His!) family and loving and living like Jesus.

I love you. No kidding.