Sunday, April 12, 2009

Emptying Camera

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While the food is cooking, babies are sleeping and the house is quiet, I'm cleaning off my camera.

I want my memory card to look nice and empty like the tomb.

There are so many slide shows in this post, it's ridiculous...but YES...we really did all these things over the past four days (except the Spring Break pics...those are just late.)

Above are the pictures from right before bedtime on Good Friday. They are so blurry. Sorry!



Circus Pictures!

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We had a blast. Tons of friends joined us.

Come to find out, this was the "cruddiest" circus that Ringling Brothers hosts. This was sort of their "C" Team circus.

It wasn't bad.

It was small.

And there were lots of mistakes.

But I decided, after gasping...and feeling a little sick to my stomach when the performers fell or almost fell that I like the circus BEST when someone MIGHT die.

I know.

That's sick.

But it's true.

Still hands down...this was my favorite circus...

I mean soupus.


Below are the pictures from the last night of our Spring Break week of fun.

The last night of Spring Break, we always get a little crazy and break out the beer goggles.

Beer Goggles are these weird things you can wear that show you what your vision would be like if you were toasted.

How do we have these?

Aaron stole them from Allen Duty and refuses to give them back.

Why does Allen have these?

He was a youth pastor.

Do I need to say more?

When Aaron was a youth pastor, we had a closet FILLED with an ARSENAL of water guns.

We broke out the beer goggles and made people wear them while they were playing volleyball.

Then there was the beer goggle race.

Nothing like watching fake drunk people race each other and try to make a basket with a basketball.


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When the boys first got home from the farm, I was thinking to myself...

"Remember to tell Jimmy Burton THANK YOU for taking pictures."

And then I saw the pictures.

Normally, I love pictures.

I drive my family and everyone else crazy taking pictures.

But, I think I could have been FINE without seeing pictures from the past Dangerous Boy Event.

Moms...I'm sorry you know us.

When Aaron was on the way home he said, "Heather, Wade Amy told Tyler that the way you catch more fish is to warm your worm up in your mouth before putting it on your hook."

"That's gross," I said.

Wade is so goofy.

But then I was like...wait.

Why is Aaron telling me this?

And then he continued.

"So Tyler did it."


"Yep. Tyler did it. He put a worm in his mouth. And probably would have ended there, but unfortunately, Tyler caught a fish."


"And so all the boys started putting worms in their mouths."

Oh my gosh.

Wade didn't make it to Navasota before his phone started ringing.

When the camera got home, it was even more disgusting than I had imagined.


I saw my small son with a knife in his hand.

"Why does he have a knife in his hand? Are you standing near him?"

Aaron just ignored me.

I guess this is why they don't let moms come with them.

I guess this is why boys need men in their lives.

I would never let them eat worms, or hold a sharp knife without me sitting on their shoulders or something.

Now it's your turn to shudder...

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I'll post the jelly making pictures next week with a post telling ya how we did it.

I want to can everything now.

And I'll leave you with some family photos.

What handsome boys we have.

Hope your Easter is sweet.


Lerin said...

Happy Easter!!! LOVE the family photos!!!

Denese said...

Heather - I just luv Smilebox! Your creations are always entertaining. And yep, the worm in the mouth kind of made me gag & start to feel nauseous. I say a silent prayer of thanks that God has chosen to give Meg & Brock a little girl first. Although I think my Meg could handle the worms - she's been with almost twenty 1st graders all year and handled their surprises quite well.

PS - please keep the men and women of the HFD in your thoughts & prayers in the coming weeks - they all have been devastated by the deaths of their fellow firefighters this morning.


the amy's said...

"Give a boy a fish and feed him for a day; teach a boy to fish with warm worms and feed him forever." - Wade former Dangerous Boys fishing instructor

Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

Oh my goodness, hearing about it was bad enough, but seeing my baby with a worm in his mouth...GROSS!!

Michael said that they didn't really have a taste to them and I am still not sure if Alex chewed his up...

They had a blast.

Vashti said...

I love the family photos. You do have beautiful boys.
Hope you had a blessed Easter.

D.O. said...

I insist that Aaron grow that goat out until he can put the whole thing in his mouth.

It's a rite of passage as a man, you see... perhaps the only one he's not already accomplished.

Jana said...

Hey girl. I have a question for you...Where do you get the $25 CVS prescription coupons??? I cant find them anywhere. ALL my kids are sick!!! UUGGHHH!!!

Hendrick Family said...

Hey Jana...

Sorry your kids are sick. Mine were too this weekend! Stink!

I've gotten the CVS coupons three places.


If you have a CVS card, they mail them to you from time to time, and usually when they mail them, there are 2-3 of these coupons in the envelope.


The machine in CVS where you scan your card and coupons print out...I get about one a month from that machine.


The CVS ad. Every few months, there will be one in the ad. We're due for one! I keep looking for them. When they do come out, we make sure to get several ads, and cut out the coupons.

If you don't have one, maybe call the pharmacy and ask them if they know where to get one.

AND...ask Walgreens too. I'm not as familiar with their system, but I know they give $25-$30 giftcards for new or transferred prescriptions too.


Jana said...

Thanks for the info!!!! Im going to try and get some...Love the posts!!!!