Thursday, March 12, 2009

We Did It!

The images you're about to see contain
actual earcandling procedures.
These photos are not for the faint of heart.
Proceed with caution, or maybe wait until after lunch.

How cool is that? I feel like I'm on Discovery Health.

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Here are some of the things that were heard in our school room as we lit sticks and put them in each other's ears...

Read these with a semi nervous, tense tone...

"Is the fire close to my hand? I can feel the fire near my hand."

"How close is the fire to my hair? Show me with your close is the fire to my hair?"

"Something stinks! Is my hair on fire? Is my shirt on fire? Is my face on fire?"

"Are hot ashes about to fall on my face?"

"Are hot ashes about to fall on my shirt? This is my favorite shirt. Are ashes about to get on me?"

"My ears are feeling soothed."

"I can't hear."

"It sounds like a tornado in my ear."

"What is that noise?"

"Is ear wax shooting out the top of the candle?"

"How fast is this burning?"

"Will someone go check on the kids?"

"Do we have smoke alarms?"

"My ears are definitely feeling relaxed."

"Get your fire away from me."

"Stop flinging your fire around."

"Be careful with your fire."

"You almost singed my eyebrows with your ear fire."

It was a great night.

I love my friends for doing this.

They were so brave.

They came to the house very against this idea.

"We're really doing this? Heather, I thought you were kidding."

I wasn't kidding!

Ear Hippies!

What sweet people!

When everyone left, I went to check my email.

And there it was...

A warning from Dr. Bacak's nurse-wife, Jenn saying that they were trying to call us, but we weren't answering the phone (we were too busy earcandling) BUT she wanted to tell us that Dr. Bacak labels earcandling "dangerous."


Sorry in advance friends, if we broke your ears.

Not only are we hippies.

We're hippies living on the EDGE.

1 comment:

Melda said...

What is the purpose of this exactly? To clean out your ears?
What happened to good old fashioned Q-tips??