Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Stuck in San Antonio

Remember San Antonio?


We rolled into our driveway, after the longest day of our life, walked in the door and were blown away by what had gone on in our house while we were away.

You see, when we bought our house a month or so ago, the only thing I hated was this weird bar inside.

Yes...a bar.

A huge, fancy, swanky bar tending bar.

Why houses have this, I will never understand. So much of what happened in the 80's is probably like that...we look back and wonder, "What was I thinking?"

You have to SERIOUSLY love drinking AND be SERIOUSLY lazy to need a bar in your living room when the kitchen is three steps away.

When looking at this house, I walked in, took one look at that thing and said, "That atrocity will have to go."

Here are the before pictures...I took these before we owned this house.

The bar in all its swankyness

The bar's sink and shiny counter tops.

I wanted to tease up my hair and wear multi-colored socks just being near this thing.

While we were in San Antonio, we hired Lance Czajowski to put in an entertainment center where the bar was in our living room.

We Hendricks love Lance.

He has done work for us before.

He is incredibly gifted.

He arrives on time.

He gets the job done when he says he will.


We are always impressed and always LOVE the work he does for us.

This guy has skills I tell ya.

I know that hiring someone to do this kind of work for you can be stressful.

Will they do a good job?

What if they don't?

Is it going to be weird having them in my home while they are working?

I love never having to worry about those things with Lance.

You can trust him.

We left for three days and gave Lance our home, and never worried about anything.

He is precious and we love how we can trust him in every way...to do great work, to take care of our house...and he's super sweet and easy to be around.

My boys LOVE Mr. Lance...a little too much at times. When he's done work for us, I've had to remind them to leave Mr. Lance alone...I've been known to say, "No Hayden. Mr. Lance can't come jump on the trampoline with you. He's working."

But Lance probably would.

After Lance quoted Aaron the price for building the entertainment center (and he raised all the handrails on our staircase) I told Aaron, "He is too cheap. I'm going to tell Lance he needs to charge more. That price is ridiculous."

Aaron agreed but said, "Don't tell him that until after I pay him, okay?"

Here's the masterpiece Lance created in our living room while we were in San Antonio.

How CUTE is this thing?


I can't stop staring at it.

I also can't believe an ugly bar used to be there.

It looks like Pottery Barn came to live with me!

And you haven't even seen the coolest
part of this entertainment center.

See the bookshelf on the right side?

It's a door!

A Scooby Doo Door!

The bookshelf rolls open, and we have a big closet behind it on the right, and a big storage area behind the entertainment center!

How exciting!

When the door/bookshelf is closed, you would NEVER know a huge closet is behind there!

Isn't Lance the man?

If you need ANY carpentry work done, we HIGHLY recommend Lance.

He helped us with our upstairs addition at our last house.

He has completely remodeled several of our friend's houses.

Look what he did in Kirby's kitchen!

He does amazing work.

Call him!

You will always be impressed with his work.

Here's his info...

Home Concepts
Lance Czajkowski
(sounds like Mike Wazowski but Lance has two eyes and isn't green)


So how did we get home from San Antonio?

After we gave the car salesman the run around of his life...

Imagine, picky me, walking up to a car that the salesman has deemed "incredible", looking at it two seconds and saying, "No. Sorry. It's dirty."

That poor man.

Once it got close to closing time, we decided we hated all the cars in the universe and just wanted to go home.

But how?

In what?

The answer...

In the most expensive ride of our life.

Enterprise said we could drive our rental to College Station.

How nice of them.

And then they told us that College Station's Enterprise is not affiliated with the San Antonio Enterprise, so we had to pay a millon dollars to take the car home.

Okay, not a million dollars.

Half a million.

Okay not half a million...but a lot of money.


Normally, we would have kept our money and said, "Whatever. We'll wait for a magic carpet."

But after being in a car all day long, with four kids, ready to be home in their own beds...

We caved.

We left our broken car in San Antonio and came home.

Thankfully, Aaron's parents were coming to our house that weekend, and drove through San Antonio and picked up our car for us.

The only perk for breaking down in San Antonio....

Coming home to my Scooby Doo, Way Cooler than I could have Imagined Entertainment Center.

Call Lance!

Only Lance and his awesomeness could have salvaged a day like that dreadful day in San Antonio.

One more time...so I can pretend I'm on HGTV...



You know you want to call him!


Molly said...

THAT IS SO COOL! And what makes it even cooler and neater is that there is storage behind it! What woman doesn't love a hiding place for toys and such???

SO jealous he's not close to us!

Thanks for sharing!

Kirby said...

Oh my gosh! We LOVE Lance!

He so sweet. His work is thorough. We would definitely recommend him to ANYONE...we're THAT confident in his work.

Check out what he did in our kitchen:


He did knocked out two walls & a closet, opened up a doorway, closed in a wall, gave us an ENTIRE section of countertop/cabinet space and refaced ALL of our cabinets for an INCREDIBLY LOW PRICE!

Again...WE LOVE LANCE. If you need a remodel or some carpentry done...he's your man.

Anonymous said...

I would SO leave my Christmas tree set up and just wheel it behind those doors to store it. Such a cool idea!

cristina said...

so the whole time i'm reading and asking, but what about the space behind it? and then you said, "look on the right side." and i KNEW....i LOVE secret spaces like that. so fun!

my guess is that he's busy, but if not....will he travel just a "few" miles to cypress (northwest houston)? :)

Hendrick Family said...

I will ask him, Cristina!

Maybe he will!


Charlie said...

All I can say is that Lance is the man!

If Lance wasn't so affordable and such a good friend, I don't know what we would have done in our house. I'm a cheapskate and know a few things about home repair and such.

But Lance is AWESOME! I have a sweet living room and kitchen AND Kirby still lives with me! (With as much as I did on my own outside of what Lance magician-ed for us, she would have totally left me if I had tried to do all that he did. I would still be working on it.)

I'm a perfectionist as well when it comes to this stuff and I LOVE Lance's work.

Anytime someone says they are thinking about getting some work done...I tell them about Lance without hesitation...no matter how picky the person. He's good!

Monica said...

I am truly impressed! :) We will definitely keep Lance in mind.


Anonymous said...

We used Lance to redo our den, remove paneling and put up walls from this century.

He did an amazing job. And I agree on him charging too little, his quote was half of every other quote we got.

If this doesn't convince you I don't know what will: We paid him an extra 200 dollars than what he wanted to charge us, that's how good he is.

pbmciver said...

I would love to have that in my home but of course not have my family know about it. We like to play hide and seek in our home, lol. I would win every time...hehe.

He did a beautiful job and I love the idea of more storage - you can never have too much storage space.