Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Jumpin on the "S" Train


Know what that is?

Neither do I, but Kirby swears she's bringing in the bling using this crazy Swagbucks stuff.

Swagbucks is a search engine.

So, when you would normally go to, instead, you go to

The cool thing...

Swagbucks is powered by GOOGLE!

The difference between Swagbucks and get MONEY for searching Swagbucks.

Kirby keeps getting $50 gift certificates in the mail from stores like GAP! Who is excited?

Here's what we do...

Go here, to sign up...just fill in the "Register Now" part. It's short and easy.

Search & Win

Just signing up, you get money.

Then, every time you search using Swagbucks, you get more money.

So, instead of going to google when I need to know stuff like...

"Why is my baby's black falling off" (I actually googled this one time)


"Swoopy Bangs"


"Butt Cancer"


"Where do you buy ear candles?"

I would just type that stuff into Swagbucks...and chu-ching...I'll be making money.

After you sign up, you can tell people on your blog to sign up and every time they search you get some money.

I sounds like Amway.

It will probably get shut down one day.

But in the mean time, let's sign up, search Swagbucks and go shopping with our gift certificates!!

I'm only doing this, and recommending it to you because Kirby has lead the way in this Swagbucking deal, and has the gift certificates in her hand to PROVE it works!

I just called to confirm with her...

She's already gotten a $50 Gap gift certificate, and $50 Southwest Airline gift card, and she hasn't been a swagbucker for very long at all!

You can pick what gift certificates you want from various different choices.

Kirby is going to choose all airline money so they can take a trip.

I'm going to choose all clothing ones.


I'm that ridiculous.

Really...please...for me...and for you...go here! Yes...this is begging.

Can you do me this one favor?

Search & Win

And then go search for something!

Don't search for, "Why is my baby's black falling off."

Weird things come up.

College peeps...please sign up, and start using swagbucks for your search engine. You can know you're loving the Hendricks (and you'll get stuff too) every time you search for something!

Swagbucks may be my new love language.

For my birthday, you can just send me an email that says, "I searched for 50 things using swagbucks" and I will feel so loved.

It's going to take some real re-training to remember to use Swagbucks instead of google, but it's I'm going to work on it!


Rachel Marie said...

I just signed me and my husband up last week and we have already started earning swagbucks. Pretty cool deal that you earn money/stuff for just using their search engine.

CarpioFamily said...

hey, so funny, i signed up the other day from Kirby's site. The only reason i know it works is 'caus she did it. The first day i got 6 swagbucks. I love it, it like a little suprise when i win, while i was looking for things i need. You can even add on the search bar to your tool bar. I so replaced my non paying google one with a swagbuck one.

Way to go Kirby!

Brandi said...

ok, i'll do it, but only if you tell the story about the black falling off.

Hendrick Family said...

Thanks Brandi!!

That's a funny story.

Hudson's skin was very dry.

No matter what I did, it was yuck.

Poor guy.

In those dry spots, his black was falling off.

Wow, I really wish I had some other way of saying that...

Maybe his pigment was falling off?

I lose.

I don't know how to describe this!

After googling...

Why is my baby's black falling off


Is "White" contagious

I couldn't find anything to help.

So, Dr. Bacak looked at him and said he had eczema.

I could NOT believe I didn't know!

Hayden was COVERED in eczema for most of his life! If anyone should have been able to spot eczema it should have been me!

But black skin is different than white skin! Like a goofball, I was waiting for his skin to turn bright red, and well...his skin just doesn't do that. His turned white.

So, my baby's black is back to normal, thanks to some cream!


texasmcvays said...

Seriously, I am just an e-mail or a phone call away! He may be flaking away but I saw him last Sunday he's still a warm choco cutie! K