Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm in Love

Liz Amy posted about this great company, Lime Ricki on her blog.

It's fabulous. These swimsuits are adorable AND cover you up! Who knew!

This website is so fabulous, I didn't want to tell you about it.

There aren't that many swim suits on the site, and I didn't want one of the 9,000 stay at home moms in my community who go to the pool together every day in the summer to buy the same suit I bought.

How selfish of me.

I got over myself (slightly) and decided to share this great find!

I say slightly, because I'm posting a picture of the suit I bought so that you don't buy it too if you're planning on living at the pool with me this summer.

That's the one I'm getting up hands off.

I also got the cutest black skirt to wear over in, I will never take it off in public.


I found this great coupon code you can type in when you order to get 10% off your purchase.

Type in this promo code...


Another GREAT place to buy modest swimsuits is Lands End.

They have a huge overstock section where the suits are so cheap!

You can browse around by clicking here.

I really can't wait to get my swimsuit in the mail.

No more driving all over town.

I can try it on at sundown in my bedroom.


The Williams Family said...

Last year I bought boys swim trunks at Kohls and then a seperate tank top in the ladies department. The trunks have a liner so I didn't have to spend money on swimsuit bottoms. Last year was the first year I was completely comfortable around my own pool, not to mention Galveston and the water park. The trunks go down to my knees and since they're so long there is not adjusting your swimsuit bottom when you're climbing out of the pool or tugging on it as you're chasing your kids around or bending down on the beach to build a sandcastle. The trunks are brown camo and white camo and the top is brown with turq. flower on the top, I've had tons of compliments and questions about where I got the "set". I did check out girls trunks but they were very thin fabric and most didn't have a liner and the boys were MUCH cheaper. So that might be another route to go (especially ir you're trying to hide wonderful stretchmarks on your legs :)!!!).

Jessica B. said...

It is so fantastic that you posted about this today because I was actually researching modest swimwear this morning! There's been a couple site I've been eying for the last six months or so, but I decided today I'm going to pick one and order.

I am one that has ALWAYS been self conscious at the pool. In fact even though I enjoy hanging out at the pool I will avoid it because I don't want to put on a swimsuit. That's so sad! And I've decided no more! I'm getting a suit that I will feel covered in and I won't be thinking about my body and how I look I'll just be enjoying the pool!

So here are some sites that I've found. Now's the time to start thinking about this especially if you're going to order from one of these sites because these are like moms who make these out of their homes, or they're from other one of these companies is in Isreal. I really think it'll be cool to tell people my suit came from the Holy Land! :) I've also included the webpage that I used to find these sites. It has links for modest swimsuit companies.

Happy shopping!

Kirby said...

THESE are the MOST adorbale suits EVER!

How come we hadn't thought of this? Regardless, I'm glad someone did!

I'm getting with my Blaire and my Emily and we may just have to go into modest swimsuit designing!

OKAY...please everyone, take note, I ordered the CLAIRE tankini!

And, Heather...thanks for the coupon code...who are you these days?

The Mosiers said...

Love these super cute suits!!

I am getting the JANE tankini.

Now I can't wait until summer!

The Mosiers said...

OOPS!!! Sorry I'm not getting the Jane suit, but the LUCY V-Strap Tankini!

Hendrick Family said...

That's the one I wanted, Erin...but they don't have my size! Stink!

I'm SO GLAD you got it. You're going to look so cute!


the amy's said...

So my KASSIE all-in-one came in today and I love it. I also emailed the company and thanked them. They are three sisters and they all have young daughters. I can't wait to show the world how adorable modest can be.

The Currie Family said...

SUPER cute suits!! Thanks Heather (and Kirby)!

I have a HARD time (to put it mildly) to find a good suit because the girls are just so big (so out of proportion really)'s quite annoying.

I just ordered the ELLE suit....although since I don't live in CS no one worry about matching me!!

theBirkenfelds said...

These are so cute!! Too bad I am going to be super pregnant all summer!

But, another website that has all types of modest clothing plus swimsuits is Every once in awhile they e-mail out reallly great coupons as well.

theBirkenfelds said...

Oh yeah, and the one I would be getting would be the Lizzie. I am going to order it late summer or early fall for next year! (But girls, feel free to still order it if you're from around here, it will be awhile until I can wear it!)

Heather, Liz, Kirby, and Rin- y'alls swimsuits are too cute! I can't wait until summer!

bighousetx said...

Oh, thank you!!!!! You are my new favorite person!!!!

I have been looking for a long time, and it is so hard when you have a bunch of boys and you are chasing them around the pool everywhere. Just the thought of it gives me swimsuit anxiety. Oh, and it's hard as your boys get older and their friends are with you at the beach, etc. I don't want anything falling out, or hanging out for that matter.

I have never been more excited to buys a swimsuit, ever!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I am getting the ADDY Sporty Tankini. I am so excited there was one that was sport cut. Yay! Fun!


Jodi said...

Thank you Heather! I have been looking for modest swim suits for this summer latley. I am going to Florida with my youth group in June and have not been able to find anything close to modest and comfortable that I could wear on the beach. As a leader and a mom I do not want to show off anything!

Last year I was pregnant so if I could not find anything I was going to wear my maternity suit since it covers everything. So glad I can still be a cute mom and cover all my parts! I ordered mine today!

Also... Target has board shorts for cover up in the swim section in every color. They are only 14.99 and are made to go in the water. I like them better than a skirt because it does not move around. I wore them last year too. They have so many colors so you could get two pairs and change up your swim suit! ;)

Thanks again!!! So excited!

Anonymous said...

I got Sadie and Nicki. I have not bought a new suit in years. Maybe one of these will work. I added to my cart then deleted and then added again then read the return policy then ordered.Melissa Spiller

Kirby said...

Crystal, the Addy tankini is PERFECT for you!

The Montalbos said...

Super cute girlies! I'm hoping to be big and pregnant all summer so I won't be able to join you in your cuteness. Ha!

Remind me over this again next year though. You're all gonna look adorable!

MacKenzie said...

I finally broke down and bought a lands end tankini last year. It was more expensive than I would have paid at the mall but I was fed up with looking and looking for something modest.

While my husband got as frustrated as I did with all the swim suit shopping, we were both reminded that it was worth it this past weekend when we were on the beach in florida. It was so nice to have something I was comfortable wearing and being seen in.

But spring break in florida was a sight I was not used to - walking around the boardwalk in capri pants and a t-shirt, I was wearing at least 5 times as much clothing as most of the women there. I felt so sorry for them. They were always pulling and tugging and I just wanted to buy them all long t-shirts and tell them they were worth more than they were acting like they were.

Anonymous said...

Kirby, I know... that is what I thought... actually what I thought was...

"yea, those are cute and you all will look great in them... but there is no way I am wearing one because they are all so girly... I am going to go find a Nike swimsuit again. But I thought I would at least look to see if there was one that would be a little sporty... and what do you know... a perfect choice." :)


The Duty's said...

Okay, as ridiculously pregnant as I will be, I have looked in stores and online and haven't found anything even remotely modest for maternity swimwear. So...I ordered Avery in a bigger size and am hoping that will work! haha! We'll see, I guess!

Man, we are all going to look so cute together at the pool! (you guys at least, I may just look ridiculous trying to hide my belly!)

Thanks for the heads up, Liz! And thanks for the coupon code, Heather!


Rachel H said...

Did anyone else notice how the model's hair changed color from the Ava one piece to the Avery picture?... Kinda weird!

Anyway, I ordered the Ava!

PS- Heather, do you have pics from the rest of spring break? I'd like to see the ones of Erica and I :) My leg is still banged up from that night!

Hendrick Family said...

I do Rachel! They are so funny. I hope to post them this week!


Ricci said...

I'm getting the LIZZIE.
Josh really liked the one you got, Heather... but I told him about your "hands off", so I had to find another one to take on the honeymoon. Haha!

Another great option is girl surf trunks from places like roxy and pacsun. I have a pair of them from a few years ago and I LOVE them!

Kirby said...

I got my SUPER cute suit in and LOVE it! NOW, all I need is a tan to go with it!

Garratts said...

I orderedn Brooklyn.

King Family said...

Thanks for website suggestions. so cute!

loves.. said...

Great Blog!! Thank you! These suits are so cute! I just purchased the Ava off I don't usually like one-piece swim suits, but this one is so cute! Very flattering!!! also has lots of suits on sale! I think I'm going to get the Lucy v strap.