Monday, March 16, 2009

Day Two of Awesomeness

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You know how you always think other people's lives are way cooler than yours?


When I imagine a California person's life, I always think they live like we live during Spring Break...every single day of their life.

If you live in California, then in my imagination, you don't have a just play outside all the time.

This week, I feel like my imaginary California person.

Tonight was perfect.


(If you read this blog, and you're not from saw RIGHT. Last night, we were bundled up around a fire wearing sweat shirts and hats. Tonight, our kids were wearing shorts and tank tops.)

Our team won.

A child fell into the nasty pond where we were fishing.

And Aaron made a little boy bleed.


Spring Break perfection.

Aaron feels really bad. I'm going to count how many times he says, "I feel so bad for what I did to Grady."

Sweet husband.

Long live Spring Break Week O Awesomeness.


the amy's said...

Sad thing that the bleeding boy and the pond boy were brothers. Good thing stitches were by one get one. Bad thing, Will still smells like duck poop. Even after a bath. Love you guys.

p.s. just kidding about the stitches; super glue did the trick

p.s.s. Yes, Wade and I were up playing wii until the wii-hours of the morning

Whitney Swanson said...

o poor Grady! what did aaron do to him?!
i love those amy boys SO much.
i love the hendrick boys too!
actually, I'm pretty sure that ever kid at Living Hope is PRECIOUS! I think our body makes the prettiest, funniest, cutest, sweetest kids EVER!!

wish i could be there to partake...

Melda said...

from the California chick........ IF ONLY life in Cali were that easy.