Saturday, March 07, 2009


Before we got out of the car to go into the Agape Art show, I did the usual mom routine.

Sometimes I think I should have a "Mom CD" made, so I can just click CD 3, speech 2 and let the kids listen before we get out of the car.

I only had Hayden and Hudson with me.

Hayden is my art child.

This was his first art show that he could remember.

"Hayden, when we're inside, even though there will be people you know, I want you to be calm. You can talk to them, but just be calm. You have to be on your very best behavior and remember...I want you to be calm."

He replies..."I'll try mom. And I won't get on the stage."

"There isn't a stage..."

"Well then," he says, "I won't get out of my chair or be loud when they are talking."

"I don't think this art show is what you're thinking it will be, Hayden. It won't be quiet there, or boring. You won't have to sit in a seat. You get to walk around."

I could tell he didn't know how to imagine it.

How could he?

When we walked in the door, the strangest thing happened to my crazy, "not calm" son.

He was calm.

The entire time.

He would hardly talk to the people there he knows.

That's weird.

Hayden is extremely social and thrives on those interactions.

It was like I got to watch the art soak in my son, pick him up, invite him in and speak sweet secrets to his soul.

Hayden was in a trance.

He walked around the room, looking...staring, examining all the pieces.

He'd climb up next to the paintings and stare.

He brought a notebook, so he could take notes.

"I want to write down ideas that they do, Mom, so when I get home, I can do them."

It was a beautiful evening for this mother as I beheld Hayden walking around that art gallery, completely overtaken by the power of creativity and expression through color, design and textures.

All that inspiration and energy...

I will never forget that night, watching my child manage to be alone with the art although the room was filled with people. In Hayden's head, nothing existed but himself and the things his little eyes beheld.

Art changed my son's personality.

Never once was he bouncy.

Never once did I have to give him "the look."

Never once did I have to whisper in his ear, "Please think about what you do before you do it."

Instead, I kept saying...when I could get him to focus on me..."Hayden, are you okay?"

He was.

It's just he would hardly talk to me...which is odd since normally, he hardly stops talking to me...or himself...or anyone standing near us.

He walked around the room several times.

Then he came right up to me and said, "Mom, I'm done. Can we go?"

"Are you okay?"

"Yes. I just want to go."


I found out when we got home why he needed to leave.

He walked right in the door and went to paint.

For an hour and a half he worked and worked, using the notes from his notebook to create some art with multiple layers...cutting out a fence, and gluing it on his picture instead of just painting it on the paper.

He was inspired.

He was also moved...

As we were leaving the art show, on the way to the car I said, "You know...sometimes, when I see people using the gifts God has put inside of them...those special gifts God gives to certain people, and those people use them in a magnificent makes me almost start to cry. Sometimes I even do cry."

My sweet boy looked at me and said...

"I know mom...when I was in there...I kept almost crying."


Marylou said...

This post made me cry. That is so sweet. Next year get Hayden to make some art for the show and Duane and I will buy it. (I know we'll have to get there early or it will already be sold!)

Susan, wife of 1, mother of 4 said...

SO so sweet! How old is this precious child? And WELL DONE to you, his mom, for praying for those gifts, and finding them at such a tender age. What a WONDERFUL post, Heather!

Bob & Judy said...

Don't you wonder what all Hayden sees - when he sees the same thing you see? Where does it take him? What does it nudge awake inside him?

Our Hayden.

There's just no telling.....

Hendrick Family said...

Our Hayden is six.

And yes...there are times, when I look at him...when I watch his body walk through a room, more like dancing than walking...constantly drumming on himself and I wonder...does he hear life differently than I hear it? Are my ears deaf to the music playing?

The never ending drumming, clapping and chest smacking can drive me to my grave some days...but some days I know...Hayden's world is a different place than the one most of us live in.

I probably should let him hang out there more than I do...but I won't lie...there are days when the creativity, the noise, the humming, the mess is fine...I love it...but there are days that having a child like Hayden is HARD.

There's nothing like parenting to show you how much you need the reveal yuck in our hearts, but also give us the most beautiful opportunity to have a front row seat to God's masterpieces. What breath taking art we each have walking, and dancing and drumming and bouncing around our homes, huh?


Kari said...

I love Hayden! I love all of your little men for all of their uniqueness! Hayden is super great for me on Fridays! Even just yesterday, when we didn't paint! His story is coming along nicely and his imagination is completely engrossed!!!

Can't wait to see how the Lord uses him in the future!!!

Kim said...

so sweet.

i'll admit i was thinking he was upset about something because when i would mess with him..he wouldn't "mess" back! he just said "hello." and watched colin play & sing.

i'm glad i got to see y'all there :)

Hendrick Family said...

I know! He was acting so strange!

The Kramer Family said...

I love Haydenland! This post made me cry and appreciate each and every gift the Lord has given my girls. Thank you for that.

Love you Hayden!
Aunt Lynsey

Kirby said...

This post made me cry, too!

I love that sweet, crazy boy. And, Hayden...I love your painting!

You are brilliant.

thoughtsbyryan said...

That's so cool. I'm also really pumped that we now have a place like "art 979" in this area. Sara and I look forward to spending more time there in the future.