Thursday, February 05, 2009

You Might Be a Homeschooler

Hayden walks in the house, crying.

"Anson kicked me in my tibia" he says.

Anson makes his way indoors.

" was an accident. I didn't see him there. I have already told him I'm sorry."

So I say, "Hayden, did Anson mean to kick you in your tibia?"

"No. It was an accident," he answers.

As the two brothers walk off, I hear Anson say..."It was an accident, Hayden...and I kicked you in your femur, not your tibia."


Bob & Judy said...

Made my day!

D.O. said...


That is so great. Thank you Anson for being so sweet and gentle, both in the way you hurt people and then apologize, and also in the way you correct people. That's a fine skill to have.

Brandi said...

ha! that's hysterical.

my poor, poor children when i start teaching human biology.

Molly said...

Hilarious! I have to say even though I am not schooling them just yet about bones, Blake sure is and it's so funny to hear the boys talk about their bones by name.

lisasmith said...


BHG & Co. said...

so which was it? tibia or femur?

no one else has asked for clarification?

Lerin said...


thoughtsbyryan said...

I can completely see this playing out... especially the tone of voice that Anson would have as they walked off, just hanging his head and under his breath correcting him as to say... "I win in the end".

IE Mommy Blogger said...

Lol...That is too funny. As a home schooling mommy of twin kindergarteners I can so see the humor and joy in this!