Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What a Joke Wednesday


After posting my What do you do Wednesday post, we left the hotel and headed for home.

Ha ha ha ha HA.

Really, my what do you do Wednesday post should have been...

"What do you do when you are sitting in the McDonald's parking lot and your car, you've NEVER had any problems with BREAKS DOWN with four children in it in a town where you don't live."


What do you do?

For those of you who know me and my dislike of McDonalds...(I won't even rent the dollar movies from there because I am SURE watching one will make me fat and give me cancer)...I'll tell you what I did...

I mentally blamed McDonalds all day long for what happened to us.

Somehow, I know it's their fault.  I can't figure out how, but I just know.

I'll let you know, REALLY SOON what you ACTUALLY do when you are "broke down" in a foreign land with four children and have to get home so your husband can go to work (and you are completely out of clothes for your children).

I will write about what happened whenever I get to the point where I can do so without going into hysterical laughter, or saying cuss words in my head.

Right now, I need to get lost in Lost.


Molly said...

Oh no Heather! That's something I fear but I don't even let my head play with because the thought of it would make me going into shear panic!

Glad you are laughing and the cursing is only in your head!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmm you could call your Dad!. ..... lol.. if he is in country he would love to help.

Love you all......