Thursday, February 19, 2009

What do you do...

What do you do when your car breaks down in San Antonio on your way home, AFTER you've checked out of your hotel?


First, we did what I always do.

Go into denial.

I am truly gifted at entering the wonderful world of denial.

If I was lost, and left here after Jesus comes back, I'd be that lady walking around saying, "It's fine.  Everything is going to be fine.  People vanished into thin air?  The world is coming to an end?  That's just not that big of a deal.  We're fine.  Want a smoothie?"

Even though our car was breathing fire, like a dragon, we still were hoping that the car dealership people were actually telling the truth when they said, "We can probably have this fixed for you today."

Let me just mention here, that Aaron and I are both WELL aware that we have an issue in our marriage.

You know how most couples have one person in their marriage who is naturally logical, who thinks through the details, and is ultra responsible?

Well...we don't have one of those people in our marriage.

So in situations like the one yesterday, we know we are set up for disaster when we have to make quick decisions.

Although Aaron is not naturally this person, he has become MORE this person during our marriage, simply because he knows he's ultimately responsible for all the dumbwad things we can get into together...and because he gave up a long time ago thinking I was going to morph into that smart, do your research, don't go with your emotions, never make rash decisions kind of wife.  I'm laughing just typing this.  I would love to be that person.  I try to be that person.  I'm so thankful there are those people.  I just can't be that person.  I wish I could hire one of those people.  If I had money, I would not hire a nanny or a maid.  I would hire a logical person to hang out with me every day.

The dealership man said they could probably have our car ready that day.

Yes, the man's nose was growing as he was talking, but we believed him.

We pulled up to the dealership, they assessed the problem, and then sort of mentioned that we could wait inside the dealership while they fixed our car.

At that point, all the man could see was me...and Aaron.

After he stuck his head in the car, he immediately understood why waiting at the dealership was NOT going to be an option.

He said, "How many kids do you have in there?"

Just four.

Four kids in a dealership for hours.

Doesn't that make you want to laugh?

He quickly offered to call Enterprise for us.

Enterprise came, because "they pick you up."

The Enterprise man walked in the dealership, took a second to look us all over and then said, "They weren't kidding when they said there were a lot of you."

He took us outside, and no joke, they had brought a 15 passenger van to pick us up.

I looked at Aaron and said, "When did we become THAT family?"

We loaded up car seats, snacks, jackets, bags, backpacks, game boys, blankets, juice know, the ESSENTIALS you need for ONE day with a bajillion children.

We went to Enterprise, loaded ourselves into a super fly Expedition, and then quickly started to pretend that our life was fine, this is no big deal, let's go have fun and they will call us when our car is ready.  Then we'll go home and sleep in our own beds tonight!

We had promised the boys that on our way home, we had a fun surprise for them.

There was a Wildlife Ranch on our way home.  We knew the boys would explode with excitement when we got there.

Yes, our car was on fire, but we decided we were still taking the boys while we waited for our car to get fixed.

The Wildlife Ranch was a nice distraction.

We had so much fun petting the animals...well, the boys did.  The osteriches scared the mess out of me.  Those animals are weird and look like dinosaurs.  They also move their face in a freaky fast kind of way at you, and I almost climbed in the back of the car to get away.

After we had been on safari a few hours, Aaron decided to check in with the dealership.

"What time is our car going to be ready," he asked.

Friday was the answer.

Friday is not a time.

It's a day.

It's a day two days after the day we were in.


So after we left the world of wildlife and denial, we came up with a new question...

"What do you do when your car breaks down in San Antonio with four children, and your husband needs to get back home for work the next day but your car won't be ready for two days?"

The answer...

You decide, spur of the moment, to buy a different car.

We had to get home!

Lost was coming on.

More to come...


thoughtsbyryan said...

So you're writing a suspense novel now, ehh?

That's funny, because when Aaron told me about the buying a new car part... I looked at him and said "that would be something that ya'll would do wouldn't it?"... no lie!

The Kramer Family said...

Ha! Perfect timing! I knew you were thinking about that, but there is nothing like your car being on fire to make you take the leap!

I can't wait to smell your car. I love new car smell. There should be a candle with that scent.

Love you!

Molly said...

I am laughing out loud. You guys crack me up! I want to know if "Hitchcocky" is a real word? I love the pic of Hudson checking out the animals!

This is fun, experiencing this through you all! I can laugh when it's not me...if it were us, I'd be throwing up or having serious heartburn!

Thanks for the giggle!

The Watterzes said...

Not to be conceited... BUT, I am the most logical person I know. Logical in an almost annoying, "I know the right way to proceed and it's better than yours" sort of way.

God has changed me a bunch from being toooo annoying. But He made me logical.

That said... I'm available most days after 3:30 and on the weekends.

I may be able to help :-P


Landreneau Family said...

Okay, now that's just WRONG! I can't wait to hear more.

And your hair looks fabulous in those pictures!

hodgesgal said...

okay, I was rolling... thinking your life would make for an awesome family comedy on tv, better than we have now.
Then I watched the video and thought, what peaceful music you added during a crazy time, typical you.
Then I read about the new car and thought, HA! Now that is funny!
can't wait to hear more!

Plus, I am jealous of your new car! not to the part of sin though... happy for you, but jealous... maybe we need an impulse buy too.... but, my husband is "that" person... rational, can make quick decisions, based on saneness etc...

truly a great laugh!