Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What do You do Wednesday

I was thinking the other day...

"What did we do before the internet?"

Remember those days?

I hardly do, and I'm sure the reason is, those memories are troubling. I've blocked them out.

Remember registering for classes at Texas A&M on the PHONE?

College students today have no idea what we went through to get our classes.

Everyone who registered for college on the phone should be granted an honorary doctorate.

Not only did you have to push redial 9 million times, you also had to sit in the same room of your house until your schedule was arranged.

We didn't even own a cordless phone at that time.


Today for our "What do you do Wednesday", I thought it would be fun to hear from everyone what websites they couldn't live without?

What places on the web save your life, save you time, and save you money?

Share your treasures with us!


Jenn said...

A family camper once told me here at camp that she remembers being in her computer class at A&M when they first learned about email. One of their assignments was to set up an email address and send an email. She had to follow the directions on how to type the message and even where to find the "send" button.

It's so funny.

I'd say a website I can't live without is google. You've expressed your love for google and I'd say I'm right along with you.

Let's face it. I also love blog sites. Such an easy way to stay updated on fun happenings in my friends' lives.

matt, larra, and brody said...

That's so funny. I can just picture you getting so frustrated hitting redial. When I started A&M we had online registration..but it wasn't the fancy, super easy website they have now. It was that weird system that looked like you were using a DOS computer or whatever. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about? It was a black screen with little white letters and you had to use the arrow keys to move the cursor. It was HORRIBLE! It was like the stone ages to me! And that wasn't even that long ago!

So websites...definitely my iGoogle. I couldn't survive without it. My google reader is on there so I don't waste time surfing blogs that haven't been updated, my inbox, weather, etc. It saves me so much time each day.

I couldn't survive without THIS blog either bc every woman needs a little humor and wisdom each day.
I love helpful, well written blogs in general...GirlTalk and Money Saving Mom are great ones.

And online shopping rocks my socks off too. Sometimes there are things I need that I just don't have the time or energy to go to the store for. I just check websites for super duper sales and free shipping..I buy a lot of gifts and kids clothes that way.

I'm sure there's a million more websites that I use daily or weekly that I can't think of right now.

And I don't think I've ever left a comment this long on your blog. I set a new record for myself.

thoughtsbyryan said...

I'll be the one to state the obvious... "ALL THINGS GOOGLE".

I could not live without this magnificent masterpiece. iGoogle is awesome... it consolidates my Gmail, Google Reader feeds, Flickr account, G-chat, and even teaches me a little Spanish!

Ms. Morton the teacher said...

This is the lurker from Turkey; I last commented when I was "trying" to win a t-shirt. Since I live across the ocean from my family and friends, Skype is a big plus for me. As a teacher, I love because I can post my grades online for kids and parents to see (just theirs, no one else's!) For all-purpose "stuff", blogs are great! I can keep up with happenings in the lives of friends across the street and across the ocean; I even get encouragement and a few laughs from people I've never met...
gotta love the internet!

Kercho said...

seriously - best workout program i've ever come across - that and i've gotten real close with the guys i workout with.

i dare anyone to try it - and if you lack equipment - we normally workout at 5pm at my house

Molly said...

I was thinking about how much harder adoption might be. There are so many ways that this has been easier because I have connected with families locally and in other states that have been wonderful support...Hendricks clan!

I also wouldn't have so many great resources for hair care and I never would have found our precious black nativity!

Sarah Shalley said...

I'd say my google reader is one of my favorite friends. It saves me time, from checking one million blogs only to find out nothing is new, but it also allows me to add too many faves. :)

I do love knowing what's going on in my internet friends' lives.

the little one weezes... said...

i agree with kercho... i was going to write it myself but was a little self conscious about it.

This is a website ( that I look at, at least daily. there is a work out of the day (WOD). There is a huge support group of people who do this ridiculous training and it is great! (at least to know there are people as ridiculous as you) There is also tons of information on health, wellness, and nutrition.

this is a must have website...
not for everyone but definitely for me.. :)

hodgesgal said...

I soooo remember using the phone to register at A&M, it was awful!! busy busy busy... so jealous of the online stuff.

I can't live without my blogs, they help me feel "in touch" I waste time on facebook, but I love it. And for real stuff, I live on, its all about fitness. Its where I track what I eat, how much I work out and learn about being healthy. I LOVE IT!
Plus I have tons of favorites for teaching, but they seem boring compared to this!

Hendrick Family said...


I love these!

My favorites are:

The library. They let me reserve all my books online for the boys. They librarians get your books together and then a creepy voice calls you and tells you to come pick them up. Love it.

Of course, all our curriculum for school is online, so I love that too.

I also LOVE google anything. Google calendar, google good and what did I do before these things?

D.O. said...

I'm fairly partial to this site, and lately I've been spending (read: wasting) lots of time on as well.

And I seriously don't like to think of what my life would look like without facebook. I adore that thing.

There are also several design and photography websites I frequent that most people wouldn't care about, except for Ryan, who I might just email.

The Watterzes said...

Larra, you are talking about BONFIRE... It was terrible.

I have to say google.

I use it to convert units, translate things, check spelling... etc. I also like facebook... I have a myspace, but I dislike that things more and more each day.

No substitute for my old paper version, but I definitely use it for there translations etc.