Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Running this Race

Jenn is partnering with ASC, a Christian organization on campus, to host a 5K/10K run on April 18. The money raised will go to Compassion's Child Survival Program. Please go read about this organization. You will be touched and inspired.

Jenn's parents do the most beautiful thing for their kids during Christmas. They give each of the Seay siblings $50 and ask them to use that money to MAKE money for Compassion.

How incredible is that? I know Jenn will write more about the race, about why she's doing it, so stay tuned.

Our family will be running this race in April. Details will be coming soon. We are excited to be a part of raising money for Compassion. What a privilege to join in with what they are doing to bring love, medicine, education, the gospel, and justice to these children in need.

You can either run a 5K or a 10K so this will be a great race for beginners and for running pros.

And guess what...

I really want you to run with us.

Yep. I do.

So many of you have said, "Heather...I want to run. I never have, but I want to run. If you can start out as a non-runner and learn to run, I know I can too...I'm just afraid, and still doubt I can do this."

Well girl...here's your chance to do something amazing you never thought was possible.

Is your heart pounding?

I haven't run consistently since school began.

I just couldn't.

But now, my life and my baby are to the point where I can again.

I started yesterday.

When I quit running, I had gone from being a non-runner...as in could not run hardly at all, (no more than one or two minutes at a time when I started) to being someone who ran 2-3 miles twice a week and 3-4 miles once a week.

That's incredible.

Yesterday, I went back to being someone who can only run 5-7 minutes at a time.

It would have been easy to get discouraged...but I know better. I can do this. I will improve. I will reach those goals that used to be easy for me.

It's going to take work and determination, but I've already seen myself do what I once thought was an impossibility. It will come again.

I want that for you.

I want us to run and train together (that doesn't mean we have to run at the same time and same place, but we can be training together, checking on each other and encouraging one another).

I want you to do something you never thought could be possible.

And could we be doing this for a better cause?

Who's in?


Stephen and Rachel Webb said...

I love this post! What great Biblical life lessons for your children to learn with you. And I absolutely LOVE the ministry of Compassion International. We have sponsored a child for over 6 yrs and have actually visited Compassion's US headquarters, as well as a few of their Child Development Centers in Uganda. They are making a huge impact on children's lives in the name of Christ. Thanks for sharing this post!

Whitney Swanson said...

i HATE running. actually, i ABHOR it. I can't run more than about a minute at a time, and never have been able to. I was the girl in junior high that barely made the 10 minute mile. I hate it so much.

When I took Her Hands last spring, I was deeply convicted about being a good steward or my body. I have the "eating healthy" thing down pretty well (except for desserts :) ) I hate processed foods. I LOVE EATING HEALTHY. i cannot wait to be married to brian and be able to cook everyday. cooking is one of my passions.

but i hate working out. i always said I had athletic induced asthma! Last summer I went backpacking through Spain and got a TON of exercise when I lived in Barcelona. But last semester, my schedule was SO busy that I barely had time to sleep between work and school, let alone work out!! But I am not working this semester, mainly because I couldn't handle it with school, AND now im engaged and in the planning process.
So, I have made Brian hold me accountable to working out, because I want to be a good steward of my body, and I want to LGN :) I take a Pilates class every monday, and Brian and I do crossfit together on Tuesdays and Thursdays. AND WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT HAS MADE!! I can notice a difference in my energy and mood!

But I know that once I am married and we start having kids, there won't be time for pilates classes and working out together. And I hate to say it, but i know that my options will be LIMITED, and running will be one of the only options.

and i hate that. I get MAD when i think about running! Brian incorporated running into our workout this morning, and i wanted to kill him! right before we took off, I turned to him and said "you know I'm mad at you right now, don't you!?" he just smiled and took off.

I need to discipline myself. I need to train myself how to run. I would love to run with you (and will hate it at the same time)
I will definitely check the schedule once you post it and try to make it to the runs.

IF i do this, it will definitely be the 5K :)

Anonymous said...

Perfect timing. I just started running again yesterday. I'll be looking for the schedule. And I, too, am back to the 5-8 minutes and then walking.....ugh.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! I am so excited! Running is so wonderful!! Just reading this made me want to lace up my shoes and take off running. You can all be runners... I didn't use to like running either... but now I love it! I don't really like running by myself... so if any of you want someone to run with... I will run with you. This is going to be awesome! I am so in!


Anonymous said...

There is a great plan online called the "couch to 5k plan"-You should google it if you are a non-runner and want to learn. So many people have used this and found it to be helpful for building up stamina!

Anonymous said...

We're in. We're co-blogging. Yes, we want to run. We challenge everyone to keep up with us. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kidding. RACHEL says 9-10 minute miles is our goal. MELODI says....so you want me to die a young death, crawling along the pavement somewhere, crying for water and a rescue team? RACHEL says....you can do it!

RACHEL also wants to know....are there hills??? We have to plan for hills. Where are we running? We want matching t-shirts. And fans with lots of posters. Cheering us on. And then....we want brownies. Lots of them.

So basically, we're in.

And we've both had mono within the last 6 months. Want to run with us???

Rachel Aaron and Melodi Henry

Ruth said...

I used to run regularly and LOVED it, but it has been awhile since those days. I've tried a couple times to get back into the routine but just haven't been able to for one reason or another. I've really been wanting to get back into it because it is so good for my body and this is a great motivation! I can't wait for the schedule!

Hendrick Family said...

I'm so excited!

Hills...yes, we need to know if there are hills.

Jenn is working on nailing down the details this week with the city. Hopefully we'll know our route by the end of this week.

Hooray! Let's do this!


Hendrick Family said...

I'm trying to decide if I'm more excited about the running or the brownies.


Anonymous said...

Okay, back to reality...I soon remembered that we do live in College Station...we have no mountains and we actually have very few hills. In fact Mount Aggie (a small hill where we teach snow skiing) is probably the tallest point in CS...ha! So I think we are safe to go for our time goal. I am excited too! I vote for ice cream and brownies...


Rachel H said...

Michelle and I are in! I think we are going to go for the 10 K... we'll see. We are super excited!! :) I agree Rachel and Melodi, matching t shirts are a must!

cristina said...

i am amazed at God's sovereignty and timing. one of my goals for 2009 is to run, specifically to train for a half marathon next january. i have done ZILCH. here we are, two months into the year and i feel like a failure in this area. and then you go and put these posts up about running, and even a plan for getting started. seriously, THANKS for that.

we may make the trek up to aggieland in april...i'll talk to the hubs. :) maybe sally will still be in town (even she's been trying to get me motivated).