Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Real Quick

Does anyone in this town get the Sunday paper, but NOT use the coupons?

Kirby, Chelsea and I spent last Saturday making these super cute coupon boxes.

After we finished, I couldn't stop looking at them. Adorable!

We used the cutest papers and Chelsea used her cute as a button teacher handwriting to write on all of our tabs.

Now we can rip off CVS and Kroger AND look darling doing it.

I'm wondering if I can even get out of the store without making the check out person acknowledge how cute my box is. I'll let you know if I can contain myself. I'm doubting it.

I also told Kirby I would actually be seen in the store with her now that we have these little cute boxes. Has anyone seen Kirby's gladware coupon holder filled with envelopes?

When she whips that thing out at CVS, I act like I don't know her. I quickly turn away from her and pretend to be looking at whatever is on the opposite side of the aisle.

Kirby and I are getting coupons from two sweet ladies from church (thanks Mrs. Kathy and Mrs. Barbara...we love you).

But, we need some for our Chelsea.

If you get the Sunday paper, but throw the coupons away, then we would LOVE to have them.


The Williams Family said...

Where's the picture of the coupon box!?!? I'm always trying new ways of organizing those things!!

Hendrick Family said...

We haven't taken pictures yet because Chelsea took our dividers and laminated them. We are finishing them tonight. I'll take a picture of all three of them.

I'm telling ya...they are so cute!

The girl's in the link is red, but ours is the vintage green color.

You buy them at Macy's. They are the recipe box from the Martha Stewart Collection. Kirby got them for $9.


Kim said...

i have 2 of those boxes (probably the first thing i clicked on my macy's registry) - i got a white and the robins egg blue one...and one of them is now just waiting to be turned into a coupon box :) thanks heather!

The Mosiers said...

Okay those coupon boxes are super cute!!! All I have is a small orange expanding file, that is quite full.

I'm definitely going to have to make myself one of those! I can't wait to see pictures of the finished product of yours.

We have Matt's parents mail us the coupon inserts every week, so maybe Chelsea could look into having someone do that for her.

I can't wait for you to come visit and see my baby!

Mary Sanders said...

Hi Heather. I work at the paper! I can get the coupons for you! :)

Hendrick Family said...



Chelsea will be so excited.

Thank you, thank you!

And, if there are ever multiples that don't get used, we'd love them.

Kirby is an absolute shopping ninja, and with multiple coupons you should see what she can do.


The Montalbos said...

I'm laughing at you.

I have a coupon box. I'm sure it's not as cute as you girl's but still it works. (Plus it took so long to put together and organize I'm not feeling up to doing that anytime soon.) Maybe when I see Kirby's I'll change my mind. :)

Anyway, what I wanted to say was... Watch out! Those coupon boxes can call attention to you big time, especially when you're trying to pull off covert CVS operations!! One night while in CVS, I was discreetly putting my merchandise on the counter and had my box perched in the cart basket thingy where the kid sits... All of a sudden, the lady in line behind me says (a little too loudly), "OH! YOU'RE LIKE THAT COUPON LADY ON THE NEWS, RIGHT?" Apparently the news had aired a story on couponing? She proceeds to ask me all sorts of question and wants to check out my coupons. The clerk was just standing there looking at me. My face was so red and I wanted to cry. I felt like I was pulling the biggest scam! It was the worst!!

Have fun though! ;)

Oh, and different cities get different coupons (Sometimes w/ different $ values on them!) I think Houston has the best, so if you can get your hands on those do.

thehomespunheart said...

I was looking for a picture too! :) So glad you can look cute while saving money!!

emilyjane said...

last week, kirby and i went to kroger for a late night money-saving trip.

fortunately, this was not my first time with her. i was much less frightened this time.


- it took her like 20 minutes just to be prepared to go at all.
- i think she must have all the SKU numbers of the products memorized. she walks right up to an aisle of the same thing, grabs like 50 boxes, and gets it for free.
- this particular trip, kirby's "cashier friend" spent about 3 SOLID minutes of his life scanning her stack of coupons.(i think he might hate her)
- the price went from like $60.... to $20. i think people were trying to get it on film.

even SHE was embarrassed.

- ride home: "emily, i need you to line all of this up on my counter so i can see everything i got."

- "i think i'm gonna leave it all out so charlie can see when he wakes up in the morning."

her abilities provide a lot of laughter, i will say that.
the woman has mad skills.

The Duty's said...

Ooh, I would love to get coupons if there is anyone else or if Mary could get extra. I steal them from my mom when I can but she lives in Dallas, so that's like twice a year. Luckily no one ever looks at expiration dates. I think most of mine expired in '08 or maybe '07. They are dwindling down though. I would really appreciate it!