Monday, February 16, 2009

My Swoopy Bangs

We took my bangs and our babies to the zoo today.

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Vashti said...

I love that photo of you and scrummy! He is so adorable. I also LOVE that sling! I had one for Joe when he was little, they are so great. I wish we had a zoo here, I know my boys would love to go to the zoo.
Hope you had fun!

IE Mommy Blogger said...

Very cute! Both the baby and the bangs :) Love the photos of the zoo. The twins have been dying to go to the zoo lately. Nevermind that we have passes for Disneyland...they want to go to the zoo, lol!

Charlie's MOM said...

Hey Heather, I'm in the market for a baby sling since Aubrey will be here next month. The one holding Hudson looks great. Can you tell me about it? Thanks, Sara Newton

p.s. Your bangs story was hilarious. Even though we've been handling cows for most of my life in some form or fashion I've never heard of disease called "bangs"! I almost fell out of my chair reading your post.

Matt and Sarah Pitts said...

I love the swoopy bangs!!


The Kramer Family said...

love the bangs! i don't know why i imagined them being straight across your forehead. i guess they wouldn't be "swoopy" then, now would they?

also, i'm in love with anson & hayden's hats. they are so precious and soooo Hendrick.

Love you guys!

Jenny C. said...

I've come to make your day....

So, I'm sitting here checking in on your blog and Faith's sitting on my lap. She's asking me who you are, I tell her, and she says "She doesn't look like a mom. She's young."

You're welcome :)

Hendrick Family said...

Oh my, Jenny...that made my month!

And Sara...I LOVE my sling, and use it almost daily.

Some friends bought mine from Hot Slings.

When babies are first born, I think the Moby Wrap is the easiest one to use that helps you wear baby without your back hurting.

I could wear Hudson in the Moby Wrap and cook dinner, bend's so great and he loved it.

Now that he's bigger I like the Hot Sling best.

Can't wait to see pictures of this new baby, Sara!


Lerin said...

I loved seeing ALL the boys next to the world's tallest man... but esepcially Hudson. That was too cute!

I just LOOOOOVE your swoopy bangs, and am so glad it is a haircut and not a horrible cow-disease you have. ;)

Very cute. Now you have me wondering what I would look like with some swoopy bangs. Hmmmm...

Hafts Happenings said...

Oh, my kiddos always loved the zoo, when they were munchkins! Love the pic.

Molly said...

Love the pictures! I was going to ask about your fabulous sling too, but see that you've already answered that one!

It's adorable and even cuter are you and your baby! Yummers!

Thanks for sharing! You are so stinking cute and I agree with Faith, you do look young girl!