Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

I love Valentine's Day.

Well, really...I love candy...and Valentine's Day is all about that stuff.

The boys woke up to a table filled with cards and candy.

They started eating candy before Aaron and I woke up.

Today they get to eat candy all day long.

They don't have to ask if they can have some...or more...Valentines Day is an all you can eat candy buffet.

I kind of watch them all day long to see if it's possible for kids to eat so much candy that they start moving in hyper speed, or throw up, or pass out.

So far, that hasn't happened.

Maybe I should also make it a tradition to schedule a dentist's appointment the week after Valentines Day...and maybe a 5K.

I'll put that on my google calendar for next year.


Garratts said...

Reese asked me what Romantic meant today. She heard it on the TV. So I tried to explain the best I could. It is how people that love each other express it. That just confused her. So I threw in that it is usually between a husband and a wife or mommy and daddy.

And she then told me that Hayden is romantic with her because he shows her his love all the time.

So sweet or so scarey.

Hendrick Family said...

Oh that boy.

It's pretty pathetic to have to teach my six year old about being careful with little girl's hearts...

He's such the lady's man.


Molly said...

I love you!

I think we like the same type of cards too!

Happy Valentines Day sweet friend!

Hendrick Family said...

Oh I love you too, Molly girl!

the herzogs said...

Heather, this is really random and way off topic and also totally outs me as a blog stalker, but where did you get your table? We are looking for one (our chairs are literally gonna collapse sometime soon when someone sits in them!) and we want one that seats lots of people. And I just like it. Thanks!! Oh, and I love all your posts and read them every day. :-)


Hendrick Family said...


I want an invite to read your blog! I didn't know you had one.

I love seeing your tiny faces in your tiny profile picture!!

We got our table from Caryl Merchant. She had it at Sweet Memories, and needed to sell it. She was so wonderful and let us buy it from her.

Sorry...not much help!

Roundtop is coming up though! That's a great place to get tables...not new square ones...but a table can be found!


the herzogs said...

I just sent you one! We have it private because of Travis's job...but I want people to be able to read it, so anyone who wants to I can send an invitation to! Thanks for the table tip...oh, and Hudson is precious! This baby time goes by so fast...I want another already :-) Have a great week!