Monday, February 09, 2009

Dangerous Boy Event

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It's going to be a little hard to write about an event that I did not attend.

So here are some pictures!

Thanks Jimmy, for taking so many! You just earned yourself this job forever!

Good news...

No one got hurt.

Bad news...

Within five minutes of being here, Hayden had most of your sons up in that tall tree in our back yard...yes...the one with the twigs for branches.

I'm sorry.

This time the boys built stilts.

The men in my home are NOT prone to give lots of details.

I asked how it went and got an "I think it went well."

I asked if the boys had fun, and I got a very excited "Yes! Come see me walk on my stilts."

Mark your calendars...

The next Dangerous Boy Event will be on Saturday, March 7.

We don't know the time yet. Once it gets closer, we'll let you know.


Kercho said...

I am so there next time!!

The Williams Family said...

I love this idea!!! This is a great project for the boys to work on with Jonathan, they love "building". Thanks for sharing the event details!