Sunday, January 04, 2009


I'm just going to say it.

I love bacon.

I could eat my weight in it.

On the day that Hudson was born, I had been awake for what felt like 12 days.

I was so tired.

And yet, at the hospital, on a trip out to my car, I ended up walking behind a man...a cafeteria man.

That cafeteria man had a huge pan of bacon on a cart he was pulling behind him.

It was a tub the size of a sink.

The bacon was perfectly cooked...not too limp, but not too crisp.

I was right behind him.

I love bacon so much that I remember, in that moment telling God...

"I know that stealing is wrong. I know that I'm tired. I know that today is a special day. Even though it's dumb, I kind of think that if I stole on a day like today, it might jinks our whole adoption...and help me Lord, if this man walks away from this tub of bacon, even for a if he stops and talks to someone, or he stops and gets a drink from the water fountain...I will pick that tub of bacon up off his cart and run to my car with it. I will sit in my car and eat perfectly cooked bacon until I feel sick, and then when I'm too full to eat anymore, I'll just lick some of the pieces for awhile."


I told you.

I love bacon.


shauna maness said...

that is so great.
i didn't eat bacon for 5 years.
or any other pre-packaged meat.
sad huh.
or weird.
or chicken.
i was afraid of the nitrites.
that was pre-yonder way.

everything is fresh here.
my butcher is nitrite free.
so i get all kinds of bacon.
from all over...
if i could find dry ice i would sent you some.
sooo yummy.

the other day i was in the american store and found the "natural-nitrite-free" bacon from ol'oscar meyer...

nice and thick- cooks perfect.
i am relieved that when i get back to america i can continue to live nitrite free.
woo hoo.

Melda said...

I am with you all the way to the heart disease doctor!
And growing up on a farm, we had the "real" stuff.....thick from the pig. Oh yeah baby...
Zion is the same way.
He doesn't like it in the microwave, 'cause it's too 'dry', (ie, not dripping with grease)
And I started buying turkey bacon because of the heart disease in Mike's family, and it is really, just not the same.
Next time you have bacon girl, think of me!

LD said...

I'm glad you didn't eat that bacon... I've spent enough nights in that hospital to know that at 4 in the morning roaches can be seen darting in and out of the kitchen. Gross. I'm almost ashamed of how many meals I ate out of that dirty, dirty kitchen.

The bacon is delicious though, despite the roaches.

Hendrick Family said...

Oh gross!!!

Only roaches could ruin bacon...nothing else.

Molly said...

thanks for letting me in that sweet part of your life!

you crack me up! lil' miss is up for some reason, and I needed a good laugh!

i knew if I came here I could either get a cleansing cry or a good giggle!

Landreneau Family said...

I totally share the love. I can put away a pound by myself. My five year old and I fight over the last piece!

Kari said...

i'm still waiting for you to teach me how to make it just right!!!!

texasmcvays said...

Did you know they have a place that serves fried bacon in Snook?

pbmciver said...

One word - YUM! I love bacon but don't buy it too often because it is so unhealthy. Such a shame that something so delicious is so bad for your health.

Now you have me wanting to run to Kroger for bacon - but I am going to fight the humongous craving and have last nights left over baked spaghetti for lunch.

Jenny C. said...

I'm SERIOUSLY considering getting one of these:)