Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One of my favs

This recipe is inspired by Jenn's chicken pot pie recipe. I'm making it right now, so I thought I would share it.

Jenn's is very good, but uses butternut squash instead of regular old summer squash. Butternut squash is yum, and I'm a huge fan...however, it takes man arms to cut it. Have you ever tried to cut a butternut squash? It makes me cuss.

I've changed some ingredients since Aaron is rarely home while I'm cooking dinner, and I shouldn't yell out obscenities at produce (besides being wrong, what a WASTE of an obscenity. If I'm going to cuss, it's going to be at my mean neighbor, not at a squash.)

4-6 chicken tenders
fresh carrots cut up
frozen broccoli florets
frozen peas
fresh summer squash (the yellow kind)
whipping cream
sour cream
grated cheddar cheese
enough frozen pie crusts to make two pies (tops and bottoms)
salt, pepper, onion powder

Boil chicken tenders until soft (I throw them in frozen, then when they are soft, I cut them up and cook them until they are done). Add cut up carrots. Cook until almost done. Add frozen broccoli, peas and squash. Cook just until soft. Everything should be completely cooked, but not super soggy or anything. I can't STAND it if the vegetables are crunchy at all in my pot pie, but don't want mush either.

Remove from heat. Strain. Put back into the pan. Stir in about 2-3 big heaping spoons of sour cream. Add enough whipping cream to make the mixture creamy...not too watery...just really creamy. Season mixture well with salt, pepper (it's really good with lots of pepper) and onion powder. You can use real onions and cook them with all the other vegetables, but I just use onion powder.

Pour half of mixture in one pie crust, half in the other.

Now here's the deal...Jenn makes her pie crusts all beautiful and what not. She even cuts out leaves and puts them on top. She's just amazing that way. She is a super cook who loves making dinner and making her dinners pretty. That's SO NOT ME. Thinking of myself cutting out leaves to go on a pot pie makes me laugh. My pot pies look like someone ran over them. They are delicious, but look dumb. I don't even care enough to try and figure out how to make them look nicer.

I'll admit...when you eat here in Hendrickville, there will always be WAY more food than anyone needs, (I hope it's delicious)...but the presentation will always be lacking. I might make you eat out of skillets on the stove, and unless it's Christmas, you'll be eating on paper plates. Oh...and, don't come to my house if you're on a diet. We're low on processed foods around here, don't really do the high fructose corn syrup thing...but I use whipping cream A LOT.

Put all the junk in the pies, put the top pie crust on, squish the edges, then place in the oven on 350 and cook just until the crust is nice and brown a little. Jenn has a pie halo. It's cool. I don't have one. I didn't even know what one was until I met Jenn. So if I notice the edges getting too done before the inside, I just take it out, tear strips of foil and pretty much lay them around the edges so the inside can get more done while the edges are left alone.

Take out, and once you have it in bowls, add a handful of shredded cheddar cheese. Enjoy!


thoughtsbyryan said...

Heather... quit trying to make people think that you actually cuss. We all know that you couldn't release an obscenity from your lips even if someone was begging you!

That's all I have to say about that.

Thank you.

Landreneau Family said...

I'm so trying this. I've never liked pot pie because all the ones I've had have condensed soup in them. Gross!! I love whipping cream, so this is sure to be a hit.

Hendrick Family said...

Do you know that story?

Okay, fine...I only cuss in my mind. neighbor is mean to my kids, and that brings out the desire to cuss in me like nothing I've ever experienced!

Even before I knew the Lord, I was never a cusser. I thought cussing was trashy (and still do) and highly uncreative (and still do).

There are some really creative cussers...and I'll admit...when I'm around a really great cusser, I secretly admire their ability to cuss well. People who can put cuss words in the middle of the syllables of another word awe me.

But for the most part, I think cussing is nothing more than extreme laziness and so "what everyone does." Yuck to both of those things.

Besides the fact that our speech should be uplifting and edifying as believers, I also think if you're going to say something...say it well. Don't use lazy, herd-style language.

And there you have it...

Pot pies and potty mouths. You just never know what you're going to get around here.


thoughtsbyryan said...

Yeah... I know about your super-sweet neighbor. Remember on Halloween when I had an almost altercation with her and she stood at the fence for like 3 hours wanting to start something, but we couldn't see her because she was a small lady.

Then she told me to stop throwing balls on her fence... I said "OK"... but, failed to tell her that we were not throwing balls but giant knives... if she only knew.

Molly said...

can't wait to try this!

you make me giggle at your cussing comment and how to use cussing best!

the groves said...

I love that all your recipes have whipping cream in it! :) Yummy.

I wish we were having this for dinner!!

p.s. Butternut Squash is so misleading. I NEVER thought it would be so hard to cut. It almost broke my knife.

Nicki said...

I also stole this recipe from Jenn's blog and won't fool around with the squash, so instead I use potatoes and whatever frozen veggies I have in my freezer. I still use the can of green chilies, but I have started omitting the sour cream and using cream of potato soup and it is still pretty awesome. And I bake a ton of cheese on top of the crust because I am weird and baked on cheese is my fave!

Jennifer Bacak said...

C'mon people!!! Butternut squash is worth it! I have to admit, I do make Rusty cut it for me in advance sometimes. And we did finally buy a few Cutco knives, purely with butternut squash in mind. But it's SO GOOD! I love that stuff. I'd put it in everything if I could.

Heather, I hope you have wonderful new neighbors in your friendly new neighborhood. Who could be mean to the Hendrick boys, seriously? They're way to sweet. I love that they gave Jax that whole notebook of Pokemon cards. Hayden is precious. We have a pile of things around this house that are parting gifts from Hayden playdates. I love that kid.

MacKenzie said...

It sounds like you cook like me. I try to make most things from scratch but nothing is low fat. Butter, milk, cream, cheese...yum!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm Chickin Pot Pie is one of my absolute favorites. Dear ole Dad would love some sometime.

Love you


LD said...

I made this for dinner tonight and it was soooo good! I had a boy to cut the butternut squash so I went ahead and used it. Jenn's right... it's so worth it. Now I need some more recipes to use the rest of it. Any suggestions?

PS I made key lime pie for dessert from this recipe and it was fantastic!

It's the easiest recipe ever and it is so good! My grocery store didn't have key limes (I'm having serious withdrawals from HEB), so I used key lime juice instead (it was in the juice aisle). Now I'm wondering why I ever juiced all of those stupid key limes before. Anyway, just thought I'd share.


Melda said...

Little tip if you use a pre-made pie crust....leave the TOP pie tin on the pot pie for the first 30 minutes, then the edges won't burn! Just set the timer so you don't forget to take it off!

Melda said...

PS.....regarding the cussing, or thinking of cussing...... I do have a several year habit of swearing when things do NOT go my way. I have adapted into saying the word, "CUSS" instead of actually cussing. It's probably not the best solution, but I'm a work in progress you know.