Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here Comes the Bride

I just got done explaining to Ashton (for the millionth time) why he can't marry KK.

"Why can't I marry KK?" is a constant question I get from Ashton.

He loves his cousin.

It's awfully hard to explain WHY he can't marry KK.

All I've come up with is, "Usually people don't marry people in their least in our state."

"But I want to marry KK."

That reason does not matter to him.

So, I've tried the whole, "You don't want to marry KK or your kids might be born with two heads and think two plus two is twelve."

He doesn't care about that either.

He keeps saying, "But I love her and she's my favorite girl to play with."

Why aren't there any parenting books with chapters entitled, "When your child tries to marry their cousin?"


Molly said...

Cracks me up that he says he wants to marry her! I love it! To him it makes total sense! He sees that you and Aaron have tons of fun together and love to hang out together and that you are best friends. How cool is that? He knows that KK is his best girly friend, so why not marry her?

He's a smart guy. He watches his mommy and daddy and wants what you have. Pretty cool!

The Kramer Family said...

Dear Ashton,

I want to say that I love you too. You are my best friend and I love to play with you too. But, you can't marry me because I'm not even growned up. I love being a kid.

That's all.

Kaylyn (KK)

p.s. I typed as KK said this to Ashton. So cute!

Hendrick Family said...

Ha! How cute! I guess we will be able to tease them later that the first girl who broke Ashton's heart was his cousin!

Tonight at church, Ashton informed Kirby that he was marrying McKlayne.

He walked right up to her and told her.

He also told Kirby he would be marrying McKlayne when she turned five.

Now I have to have a whole other conversation with him. We're weird...but not that weird!


emily said...

Ok, this doesn't really have to do with this post, but since you were talking about girly movies tonight, I wanted to make sure you got this list. And since this post was about weddings, it made me think of girly things. So, these are 7 of my favorites. I have a bunch more ones that I really like, but these would be my picks.
Return to me (YOU HAVE TO SEE IT!)
Pride and Predujice (the new one)
Anna and the King (the one with Jodie foster.)
Sense and Sensibility
Ever After
Anne of Green Gables
and The Notebook. (this one may be PG13 but the rest are probably G or PG).
Okay, if you haven't seen them, you should.
And if you want to have a girly movie night we could even have it here.

Jennifer Bacak said...

We have this conversation a lot in our house too. Justus wants to marry his favorite cousin, Elle. They are less than a month apart, and big time buddies. While Justus and Elle are not BLOOD related, and would not have two-headed children, it's still EWWW! So we're gonna be looking outside of the Seay fam for wives for him.

thoughtsbyryan said...

This is great... I love that kid!

Just a little FYI for these kids in order to save them a little embarrassment one day when they walk into the county court house with their lovely cousin to purchase a marriage license... The lady is definitely gonna ask you if you are "related by blood or adoption".

Sara and I flippantly answered these questions without really thinking, but as the clerk was filling out some other stuff... I just couldn't resist asking her if she really wouldn't let us get married if somewhere down the line we were related by adoption (which would not lead to the birth defects and such... but would be no less of a gross thing because you are family... which I am impressed that the state of Texas recognizes)... and she looked me in the eye and said "I would not give you this piece of paper".

So... let them think what they want now... but, when that day comes, I guarantee him, he's not gonna have the guts to try to pull it off!

Charlie said...

YESSSS!!! In-laws!! I'm so glad that KK is your cousin and that my wife is so beautiful!