Thursday, January 15, 2009

Attention Mentors and Her Hand Girlies...

I've posted some class information here about books and mentoring.

Tell your friends.

I'm pretty sure we've reached 55 girls and are full.


Laura said...

Heather - I'm your stalker who won't go away! Your posts about "The Excellent Wife" have been a challenge and a blessing to me. My husband and I recently started leading a home group and there are TONS of questions flying around about what it means to be a wife. So, I've been SCOURING your blogs, reading, and praying ALOT. I was wondering if you've ever recording your Her Hands class for a podcast or ANY format that I could listen to - to just to here and learn how you verbally communicate these truths. Anyways - I just wanted to ask because I know it would be AWESOME resource!

Hendrick Family said...

Hi Laura! Nice to meet you!

Although the thought of podcasting freaks me right out...I mean REALLY, I'm not podcast worthy...I did consider it briefly (after feeling a little bit nauseous) because someone else asked about it a few months ago.

After thinking about it, I decided there really isn't a good way to do it. Although large, our class is surprisingly intimate. We talk about personal things. The girls open up, ask hard question, admit things you would never think someone would in front of a large's all very wonderful, but like I said...intimate. Some of the girls walk in strangers, and then end up roommates by the time the class ends.

I think trying to record it would ruin the beauty of what happens in that room every week.

And, not to mention, Jenn and I say a lot of things, we would DIE if the entire world heard!

So all that to say...thank you for asking about the podcasts. For a moment, it makes me feel way more important and qualified than I actually am...but, I haven't come up with a way yet to share what happens in this class without harming what happens in the class.

I hope all that makes some sort of sense!

So blessed by your sweet, teachable heart that is looking to Jesus and His Word. Keep seeking...He promises you'll find Him! Praise God He has ALL the answers to all the questions being asked in your small group!