Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Now We're the SAME Age

Happy Birthday Husband!

I love it when we're the same age.

For his birthday, I thought it would be fun for others to write some of their favorite things or favorite memories about Aaron. I print our blog once a year and have it bound, so all the comments will be kept for Aaron in our scrap book. What a great gift!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All in a Morning...

Yesterday, I was going over Ashton's Cubbie verse.

He's supposed to say, "Worship the Lord with gladness."

Instead, he looked up at me and said...

"Worship the Lord with glasses."

We started laughing.

He knew something was wrong, because we were, to fix this, Ashton tried again...

"Worship the Lord with glasses (long pause, scrunched up face, looking so confused)...on your face?"

Later in the day, I looked up from doing Language Arts with Anson JUST IN TIME to see Hayden holding a HOLE PUNCH up Ashton's nose. He was just about to squeeze when I screamed, "HAYDEN! No!"

This is my child who I constantly pray for more PRUDENCE. He's getting better, but obviously, the Lord still has some work to do.

"What were you doing?" I said in a panic.

"Making another hole in Ashton's nose."


I asked Ashton, "Why would you just sit there and let him do that to you?"

To this, Ashton calmly turned his head towards Hayden and said in his sweet little voice, "No, Hayden."

Monday, April 28, 2008

He did it!

Anson's only goal at the beginning of soccer season was to score a goal.

This weekend it happened.

Oh the joy on his face!

He was beaming.

It was so exciting.

I was caught off guard, it sort of came out of nowhere. All of a sudden my boy had the ball. He kicked it half way down the field, both teams following him...then...huge kick...


Anson jumped all over that field.

Happiness exploded out of him.

It was a beautiful thing to watch.

I screamed all over the side lines.

A little too much....

And a little too loud...

But my boy scored, and he was so surprised and precious.

After it was over Anson said, " went nuts!"

I did.

I hushed when I looked up and saw Anson looking down at the ground...but with a HUGE smile on his face.

Go Anson!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You're Invited...

To another crazy, encouraging, meaningful, night of fun!

Remember Hairspray?

Well, get ready to re-live the insanity.

On Friday, May 2 at 6:00 p.m. we will meet at the fountain (near Rosa's, It's a Grind and Blue Baker). We'll split up, eat dinner and then go watch a movie together on the big screen.

EVERYONE who comes, must wear, either a wedding dress or a bridesmaid dress! Hooray!

No one cry. I didn't say you have to wear your OWN wedding dress. You can wear ANY wedding dress or bridesmaids dress...the older, the uglier, the down right more hideous...the BETTER!

We'll all descend on the fountain at 6:00 wearing wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses!

We'll break up and go eat in small groups at the restaurants nearby.

Everyone who is married is invited to bring their wedding album for us to see and holy cow...laugh over. Aaron and I look like we were 12 when we got married!

The cost is $5 per person (this does not include your food). That money will go towards buying the cake and renting the building.

So...get your group together, RSVP here and then, go find something crazy to wear!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Summer Thighs

Sitting on the couch

with boys

and a book

reading about shoes

on centipedes

Out of the corner

of my eye

I spied

a thigh

a roly-poly

baby thigh

calling to me

"Come squeeze."

I obliged


and said

"Oh how I’ve missed these little legs."

Winter steals

baby thighs

and hides

them under piles

of clothes

Summer is coming again

And giving back

My baby’s skin

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I Heart Roundtop

Yesterday, I spent all day walking around looking at dead people's stuff.

Oh what joy!

My favorite find was these shutters...$20 for the PAIR!

I love Roundtop...and I love my husband, who, loving me so much, knows, I could not have slept last night until my vision for above our bed came to life. I slept happy last night!

Roundtop is one of my favorite places on earth to much creativity in one concentrated area. I walk away inspired for months.

Anytime I get to see a lump sum of beauty, created by humans, I am reminded that we have been gifted so uniquely, so divinely and all of our gifts point back to the greatness of God. Whether it's a songwriter composing a song, a writer making me see life and color in black and white words, or a designer creating a new piece of furniture out of 50 pieces of old furniture...the end result is miraculous and moving.

I looked around at all the creative ideas and designs and was overjoyed to remember that anything we do that's innovative and fresh has been inherited by the ultimate Creator and supreme Newness maker.

Walking around that place, several times, my eyes watered up...and it wasn't because I walked past the porta potties. There would be times when I would think, "God, you are so brilliant and the possessor of all talents and gifts, and yet you share those with us, in tiny pieces and amounts." I felt like a nut job...I mean's weird to want to worship God because of painted furniture. I know. I fought the weirdness all day, but finally surrendered.

All the way home, in the car alone, I couldn't help but wonder...

What will heaven look like?

How lovely will it be to see God doing what He does without the sin of man interfering, tainting and destroying?

I can't wait to see God, to walk around and admire His work, His creativity, His brilliance. I can't wait to thank Him for giving us a little of His divine DNA that allowed us to do some things down here on earth that remind us all, that someone much greater than us has to be responsible for things like Mount Rushmore, Curb Side Prophet, Waterlilies and the Junk Gypsies booth in Roundtop.

Here's last year's post on Roundtop. It's worth a trip!