Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Snow in Texas?

No way!

The boys were super excited this morning.

I've never seen them get dressed so fast.

Anson and Hayden had lots of fun.

There is a snowball in my freezer.

Ashton would go outside, and then come in crying..."It's so cold. I'm so cold."

That's my boy.

Cold hurts me, disables me, and makes me want to cry.

As I was getting ready I heard this in the kitchen...

Hayden: You get the hot water ready.

Anson: Okay, go outside and do it and I'll bring the hot water out there.

That's when I decided to intervene.

Me: Do what?

Hayden: (extremely excited, as if this is still a good idea, even with his mother looking at him like he's lost his mind) I'm going to go stick my tongue on that pole out there. (He starts jumping up and down so excited.)

It is a MIRACLE this child is still alive...a miracle.

Apparently, he saw this on America's Funniest Home Videos.

I told him he was not sticking his tongue to a pole.

"What? Why?" he I'm the crazy one.

To this I replied...

"Hayden, I have not had enough coffee this morning to deal with you. Please go do your math."



pbmciver said...

Boy, you are quick at posting the pictures, lol.

Wasn't the snow wonderful? Justin was so excited. He has been planning to go to see his aunt in New Mexico at Spring Break hoping to see snow and then this, lol. He got up, but socks on for gloves (he doesn't even own a pair, I mean, with the little cold weather we get, lol) and threw snowballs at Kara. It was fun watching them have a snow fight. Brittany went outside but wouldn't play - she was too cold.

The Kramer Family said...

Only in Texas my sister! 80 degrees one day and snowing the next. Total craziness.

Actually last night KK was praying before bed and asked Jesus for snow. It missed our house, but He brought it to some of her most favorite people in the whole world.

Hayden is hilarious. There is no one like him!

Love ya!

Molly said...

I love it!

I can't wait until the boys come up with crazy ideas like that...

Or maybe I can?!?!

I love that they put one in the freezer, what a great idea!

D.O. said...

So awesome.

And Hayden doesn't want hot water, he wants room temperature water. It'll end much better for his tongue that way.

Anonymous said...

AAWWWWW MOMMMMM!!!! You are such a party pooper. I have always wanted to try that and none of my kids would do it. Tell Hayden I will come over to help, BUT I hate the cold weather. I will be at the door with the room temperature water jumping for joy and you have the camera ready :) !!! Debi

Hendrick Family said...

Okay Debi...

He'll be so excited.

But if it requires the ER, then YOU have to take him, because it's too cold for me to go anywhere.


Karen said...

My guess is that he saw in on "Christmas Story" movie It's the opening scene. I always wondered if it would work and how it would feel, but was too old to try it by the time I saw it.