Friday, December 05, 2008

Edit Your Dictionary Please

There has been a new entry this morning in the Ashton Dictionary.

Neck Chunks n : The things the Ninja Turtles use to hit bad guys.

This weapon will never ever, no never, be called nun chucks ever again in this house.

Never ever.

In the house of Hendrick, we poot the cheese and beat up bad guys with neck chunks.

Got it?

For kicks, you should let your kids look at this picture and tell you what Ashton is holding.

It will be funny.

Apparently no one really knows exactly what these things are called.

It took me a while to find the real name for them online.

If I had to guess, I would have said they were numb chucks.

I kind of knew I didn't actually know what they were called, because I remember avoiding saying this word in a group of people, and when I had to say it, I sort of made sure I mumbled it.

Ask your kids...and tell me what they say those things are.

This will make me laugh.

The word, "Nun chucks" is as elusive and weird as ninjas themselves.


Anonymous said...

My daughter was sitting in my lap when I pulled up your blog - she said "oh look! he's a superhero!" I asked her what he was holding and her guess was "crunch sticks," which is also what she calls one of her favorite snacks. :)

- Lauren's sister, Mandy

Hendrick Family said...

Ha! Funny!

Mandy...I met your cute little daughter when your mom and Lauren stopped by my house this summer.

I still haven't met you in person though! I need to some time!


Andrea said...

My 9 yr. old says they are flip sticks and they are used to choke people.

Kids are so funny when we let them be and pay attention!

pbmciver said...

Heather - you don't know how much I have missed your blog. I have been very busy these past few months and I haven't had time to log on - I am so glad that I am finally caught up and I can come here and get a few chuckles, lol. Ya just never know what you will be discussing! And yes, Ashton does look like a little super hero!

thoughtsbyryan said...

I always say "numb chucks". I bet this was a random fact that Aaron actually knew wasn't it?

Hendrick Family said...


Only Aaron and ninja nerds know what they are actually called.


mrsrachel said...

Its funny that you posted about this, because I got made fun of last week, by my entire clan of cousins for calling them num chucks instead of nuN chucks! I'm glad I'm not the only one that didn't know.