Friday, December 12, 2008

Memory Lane

When I can't sleep at night, sometimes it's because I'm anxious.

That's not good.

And so...I remember that I'm supposed to cast all my cares on Jesus (as in, throw them on Him) because He cares about me. I remember I can't worry, because Jesus says not to do that.

But sometimes, I can't sleep because my brain won't shut off.

It's not worrying. It's not anxious.


It is rearranging furniture, in my house...and in friend's houses.

It is picking new paint colors for me...and for you maybe.

It starts trying to remember all the words to stupid, weird songs like Baby's Got Back.

My brain walks me down the halls of old houses I lived in growing up. My brain makes me open all the cabinets in the bathrooms, remembering what was inside them.

Dippidy Do. Anyone remember that hair goo? It was on the second shelf in the right side of the white cabinet in my house on Marlene.

I know...

It's weird.

I'm sure I could pay someone a lot of money to tell me how weird it is.

Last night, while in my bed, looking at the insides of my eyelids, trying to drift off to sweet sleep, my brain was on a bike.

It was riding down my old streets in my old neighborhoods. It was trying to remember all the names and addresses of places where I used to live, and where my friends lived. It was trying to remember Mrs. Baty's house and all her snails. I rode past the twin's house, whose dad looked like the man on the movie, Clue. I rode through the ally between my house and Robin Black's house and wondered what she's doing now. I got lipstick on her Cabbage Patch doll's cloth arm. It never came out, and I never fessed up to it.

I finally fell asleep, but I woke up this morning wishing I could drive to Deer Park and see my old houses and my old neighborhoods. I woke up wishing I could drive there, all by myself, park my car on one of my old streets and then...ride my bike in all the same places I grew up riding my bike...that Baptist church...San Jacinto Elementary School...the hardly ever used baseball fields.

That would be so fun.

It would be odd, I'm sure. I would feel like I was in another world...not quite right, but pleasantly amused.

It would be like going back to your elementary school after a long absence.

It feels as fascinating and creepy as watching Alice in Wonderland.

Everything is the way you remember it, and yet nothing is.

It seems as if you have swallowed the little tart that says, "Eat me" because you're the wrong size...or maybe the toilets's so hard to tell.


So this morning, I don't know what made me do it, but while my kids were busy at the table complaining about their copy work, I sat here, at this computer and google mapped my childhood neighborhoods.

I was expecting to see familiar street names...there were two I couldn't remember, so my brain would be made happy to have the holes of my neighborhood grid filled in completely.

I found something far more engaging.

Google has this feature called, "street view." It's incredible.

I could practically ride down my streets, turning and looking at all the old houses. I would go to my old houses, turn and stare at them...right there, in real, computer life on my screen. You can stand in the street and stare at your house without anyone honking, or the people who live in your old house calling the police.

Isn't that amazing?

So for those of you as old as I am...or could go, right now and walk down memory lane...practically in real life.

You can stand in front of your old houses.

You can stand in front of your elementary school.

You can stand in front of your old church.

I've just had such a freaky, wonderful morning!


Kellie said...

Dumb question.....but my sister in law is from DeerPark...Kendall Crum, name sound familiar???? Anyway that is probably like telling someone you are from Houston and them asking if you know so and Houston is small, but MAYBE!
You don't know me, but I feel like I KNOW you! I got hooked on your blog through Jenn!
I really enjoy reading! Thanks!

thoughtsbyryan said...

I must admit... Google makes my life worth living each day. I am constantly fascinated by things that I discover Google does on a daily basis. Things that I think in my mind one day would be cool (like only sci-fi cool), the next day I discover Google has had it down for about a month already... crazy!

Google maps has been my best friend for a little while now...

However... my even newer and much cooler best friend is Google Earth!

I recently became addicted to all that Google Earth is. While sitting at my desk, seemingly working, I can type in Blantyre, Malawi... virtually fly over the Atlantic Ocean and land on top of my old house in a matter of seconds! NO LIE! I spend quite a bit of time the other day just retracing my steps around the town that I lived in. You can zoom in freakishly close and if you turn on "3D Buildings" mode, you can kinda get a 3D look at everything.

Simply amazing...

pbmciver said...

Heather, the way your brain works never ceases to make me smile, lol. It makes you one interesting person.

I didn't know google earth had a street view. I went on there back in September but could only see the aerial view. I think I will do the same for my hometown. I don't get to go there much anymore and it would be neat seeing how things have changed.

Hendrick Family said...

Hi Kellie...nice to internet meet ya!

I didn't know Kendall Crum. But, I'm glad you asked. It is such a smile world, it wouldn't have surprised me if I had known her.

Google Earth is amazing, but Paula...I didn't go to google earth. I just went to google maps, typed in the address and then clicked on street view. It's not from the top is really like you are walking down the street!


I haven't been back to Deer Park in almost 12 years. Isn't that weird? It's only a couple hours from me, and I haven't been back. My family doesn't live there anymore, so I really haven't had a reason to go there, but now I REALLY want to!


pbmciver said...

Well then I guess I haven't heard of google maps.... That really sounds interesting. Will have to go there now and see if I can find my house and maybe a few others, lol.

Karen said...

I wonder what it means when most of the places you grew up in are now parking lots.

That's the way it is for me.

D.O. said...

Deepest apologies for not having told you about this sooner.

...though I did post a Google Earth post approximately a billion years ago...

bighousetx said...

Heather you must come to DP and visit me soon. LOL!

I remember that house on Marlene, and the piano that you had. Do you still play the piano?

You know what's weird? Sometimes I drive around still and look at the homes and places in town that we had fun at as kids.

Oh, and I can even remember Jessica Grace's phone number. LOL! Sad, I know.