Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Five Years Old

Happy Birthday Punkin' Doodle Head

5 years ago today I went to my doctor's office for a check up before Christmas.

I heard him say...

"You're at a six Heather...go to the hospital."

Who knew.

I was so miserable for the week before Ashton was born, that I didn't even know I was in actual labor.

I got to the hospital.

The nurse checked me...then without saying anything said...

"I'll be right back."


A new nurse came older nurse.

She checked me.

Then she said..."Your baby is head down?"

"Yes! My baby is head down. He has been for a long time."

"Well," she said, "I'm feeling something really pointy on his head."

Then, she said..."I'll be right back."

I immediately started crying.

Right then, I was trying to come to grips with the fact that my baby would be ugly.

I turned to Aaron, and through my tears I said, "We're having a rhinoceros...or a unicorn."

lots more crying

It was hard to take in without lots of crying.

Just a little while later, my doctor came in.

He doesn't usually show up until the grand finale, so this was odd.

He checked me.

I wanted to make an announcement..."If anyone else in the hospital is interested in checking me...why don't you just bring them in."

Then he said...

This baby is coming out hand first.

His head is down, but his arm is raised above his head.

No c-section needed.

We'd deliver him the normal way.

And sure enough...

When it was time to push, a tiny hand came out first.

My doctor said, "Take a picture of this!"

What? No! Cameras in my delivery rooms are for above the waist ONLY shots.

Before the cameras started firing away, I at least got my doctor to cover me up with blue paper. Sheesh.

Doctor Davis took pictures of a baby hand, holding his hand, before that baby's body ever presented.

And that's how Ashton made his arrival.

What a special boy.

We love you sweet baby.

Your voice...your kindness...your sillyness...the way you serve us and your brothers...we see pieces of all of us inside of you.

I love how you love Hudson, and how you ask for a sister almost every day.

I love that home is your favorite place to be. You don't understand why your brothers ever want to leave here and go to a friend's house.

Your heart is here...with your family.

Or maybe your heart is here because there is always a lot of food here.

Cookies and cupcakes are still your love language.

We adore you Christmas Eve baby!

Five years old...I can hardly believe it.


Williams Five said...

Happy Birthday Ashton!!

Love ya,
Anika And Ariana

the amy's said...

Grady says, "Happy Birthday, Ashton! I love that you have a trampoline. I love to play with you at church. My favorite thing about you is playing in Anson and Hayden's room. I hope you have a good birthday. Your my best friend. We need to send you something. You are so good and so nice."

This was all from Grady. Have a blessed birthday sweet boy!!!

Bob & Judy said...

Happy, happy birthday, sweet Ashton. Poppi and Grandma love you MUCHO!

Did you get your birthday card yet? When we mail things from Mexico, we never know if they'll get there in 2 days or 2 weeks.

Love, love, love you!!!

Jennifer Bacak said...

Happy Birthday Ashton! I also love your voice, your songs, and our shared passion for food!
You're special to the Bacaks!

hodgesgal said...

I know this may sounds weird, but I'd like to see that picture! guess he was shaking the Dr.'s hand!

great to reflect back on these miracle babies we are so blessed by!

Happy Birthday!

Hendrick Family said...

It's really a cool picture.

But, you'll have to see it some time when you're in my house.

I don't think I want that picture floating around the world wide web. I try to keep it real around here...but not that real!


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Happy Birthday Ashton!!

I look forward to seeing you in Cubbies soon.

Ms. Kathryn, Michael and Alex

shauna maness said...

this makes my heart sing.
Merry Christmas Hendricks!!

The Mosiers said...

Happy Birthday Ashton!!! We love you and your love for food! I still miss seeing your sweet face every evening in my back door window wanting to know what I'm making for dinner.

Have a blessed birthday!
Matt and Erin

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Awesome Ashton!!

I enjoyed watching you learn to jump off of the diving board this summer... now it is totally like you are five! I love jumping on the trampoline, playing spider ball, and building ferris wheels with you. You are the best at teaching someone how to build a house out of blocks! You rock little friend!

Have a Happy Birthday,

hodgesgal said...

I totally understand that Heather.. certain things should NOT be on the web!


The Kramer Family said...

I feel blessed to have witnessed "the hand". I might have been the one snapping the photo. Not for sure. But, when the Doc said,"You have to take a picture of this," we all kind of looked at each other like,"Really???"

But, it was some kind of crazy! I remember Heather reaching down and touching Ashton's sweet hand while he was still in the womb.

We love you so much Ashton! You are one special little boy. KK can't believe you're FIVE! She wants to be five so badly.

Aunt Lynsey

Anonymous said...


You are such a wonderful special young Man. G-Pa and Gigi loves you so many bunches.

Yeah we get to see you in just a little while!


D.O. said...

Aww!! Happy B Sweet Ashton!