Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Pictures!

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Christmas Eve, we had the Groves over for dinner and advent.

Every Christmas Eve, we have a huge meal that is sort of a medley of everyone's favorite foods.

We eat Poor Man's Lobster (chicken that you dip in butter), rice pilaf, asparagus, shrimp, corn on the cob, homemade bread and we drink cranberry limeade. Yum!

Then we did advent. It was so sweet to have the Groves with us.

Hayden loves telling the Christmas story. His favorite part is when he holds up two angels on both sides of his head and acts like he is one of the angels coming to the shepherds. He says something like..."I'm the big headed angel, bringing you great joy. Don't be afraid." He's so strange.

Aaron did a mini-candlelight service with us. We had a candlelight service at our church, but we promised the boys we would do it at home, because they did not get to have their own candles at the church. I was singing, and there wasn't anyone to watch them, so they sat on the back row of the church and were told not to get a candle.

Aaron told Anson, "We'll do a candlelight service at home, since there isn't a grown up with you."

During the last song...holy cow, I looked back in the back and there was Anson...holding fire.

I was so nervous.

I didn't know how he got a candle!

Someone gave him one.

Already, he was getting a "talking to" when we got home for not doing exactly what we said.

In the car Anson's defense was..."You said a grown up had to do it, and a grown up gave me the candle."

Okay...that was sort of understandable.


At one point, towards the end, I looked back there and oh my word, Anson had given the candle to Hayden.

I almost ran off the stage.

Sure enough...Hayden only stood there still with the candle for oh...two words of the song...and then he disappeared under the row of chairs. Yep...I just knew the church was about to catch on fire. Thankfully someone intervened.

So, to Anson I said..."I can sort of understand taking the candle since a grown up gave it to you, but what on EARTH made you think giving it to Hayden was a good idea."

Anson sat there...then he calmly said...

"I don't know. I shouldn't have done that."



So...we had our own candlelight service at home close to a fire extinguisher.

The boys loved having their very own fire in their hands. Of course, it was only reverent for a moment, until Hayden realized if he held his up high in the air, he looked like the Statue of Liberty. Sometimes...seriously...this kid is too much.

We sang Happy Birthday to Ashton.

We ate cake and key lime pie for dessert.

We opened Christmas pajamas, washed, wrapped and ready to wear. We started this tradition when Anson was born.

Then we stayed up way too late with the Groves.

I'm too old for that!

So fun. Enjoy the pics.

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pbmciver said...

Thanks for sharing. Love the pictures.

Justin didn't get a candle at church either and when it came time to light the candle he wanted mine so I let him hold it. He stood tall and proud holding that candle.

We also do the Christmas eve pajamas. We have done it for years and the kids always know what their one present for Christmas eve is, lol. We even write on the tag "Christmas Eve gift" so we know which one to open. This year the girls said, "mom, can we please pick out our pajamas this year". Guess since I am over 30 I can't pick out cute jammies anymore. Well, okay over 40...but lets not tell anyone...(shhh) Sad thing is that when my girls were little I would pick out the same or similar outfits and now that they are older they say that is "dorky" but I thought it was adorable, lol. But, what does my oldest daughter do this year? Pick out matching jammies for her and her two sisters. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree after all, lol.

Nicole said...

Where did you get the little kiddo nativity set???

Hendrick Family said...


We got that one at Wal-Mart, but I don't recommend it. The baby Jesus looks like he's 14 and has a beard. Weird.