Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We Finally Saw This!


Last night.

We Hendricks are unapologetically musical fans.

I'm married to a man who declares his love for musicals and chick flicks loudly and openly.

We're raising a house full of boys that will have at least half an ovary each, I'm sure.

We've seen the non-cold, tv versions as well as the iced variety. I recorded and then actually watched and learned the dance moves. We've watched all the movies, waited in anticipation for them to come out, and even held a manly male musical lovers anonymous showing of the movie at our house. Men could come, watch, enjoy, without being made fun of for having fallopian tubes.

So, last night, getting to see the movie was exciting for us.

Of course we loved it.

Of course we wanted to stand up and dance.

Even Hudson's eyes were glued to the screen.

I couldn't even get him to eat, and it was WELL past the time when he should have been hungry.

Yep...he's one of us.

Food takes a back seat to singing and dancing.

Who needs food when there is music playing and jazz hands a wavin', right?

Although I secretly wish life could be like a musical...where a problem comes up, or something exciting happens and then music starts playing and we all mysteriously know all the exact dance moves, and magically know all the words to the song that fell out of thin air, I will admit...there were some things about the movie that made me laugh.



Does it take three movies for Troy to realize that he likes to sing and dance?

How many movies is it going to take before Troy's parents do not seem SHOCKED that their son is in a play and can sing? By the third movie, I wanted to sit down and talk to them and say, "Are you kidding me? Come on you two...pay attention."

How many movies do we need before we all realize that Gabriella IS going to be in the show at the end...she'll run away, but then...wait for it...wait for it....she's going to come back and be in the last few songs of the show.

I can make fun of musicals, because I love them.

I left the movie theater wanting to be a dancer. I left actually thinking I might have liked high school (that wore off before I got home). I left wishing we lived in a world with background music and choreography.

Hoory for High School Musical!

I vote for College Musical One.


thoughtsbyryan said...

First off... I like that "fallopian tubes" made it into this post.

Second... if you like to dance so much, then I expect to see you and Aaron on the dance floor at our wedding!

That's it!

Ricci said...

I told you, right!? It ROCKED my world and made me want to jazz square my way out of the theatre with my glitter adorned outfit and waaay too much lipstick on so that the audience would be able to see it!
I've also been singing it since I saw it, so when we're all watching the election and eating cupcakes tonight, don't be surprised if I just start in a reprise of "Be With You."

Anonymous said...

I LOVED the movie so much! I thought it was better than the second one. I bought the sound track this weekend and have played it pretty much nonstop in my van. Hannah holds the words to the songs and we learn them together. Danielle Bourne (sp?) got the soundrack a week before me and knows all the words, which she sang while sitting in On The Border last night.

When we went to see Fireproof last month, the previews for HSM3 came on and 3 girls had the nerve to sit in front of me and make fun of it the whole time. Not cool. Not cool at all, girls. I clapped when the preview was over.

Hannah gets to go again tonight with her dad. Lucky.


Matt and Sarah Pitts said...

I was planning on seeing it by myself the Saturday before last...but I went into labor instead. One of our friends bought me the HSM3 soundtrack as a welcome home gift, she said it's for Gracie and me to share. It is pretty much great. So when I finally see it, I'll already know the music!

D.O. said...


I heartily disagree with thoughtsbyryan, as I don't like at all the fact that "fallopian tubes" (or "ovary" for that matter) were used in this post.

Since when does a male liking musicals grow in him female reproductive organs? Huh? I think that is a little much.

However, I do agree that Troy's parents are a little out of the loop, and I think Kelsi is going to do really well at Juilliard. Ryan on the other hand... he'll meet his boyfriend there and he might go off the deep end. Not sure. Jury's still out.


D. "Just because I saw HSM3 on opening night doesn't make me female" O.