Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Just wanted to introduce everyone to Aaron's new best friends:

These guys do a news satire every Thursday night on an Australian television channel.

We'll admit...we love accents as much as we like High School Musical.

I promise...we're watching real news too...but everyone needs a break, and when we take one, this is where we go.

Why can't the real news be like this? Then I'd be a news genius.


Aaron said...

Well I don't know why no one has commented about how great these guys are.
I mean, what kind of people even read this blog?

Well I'm not ashamed.
I'll say it ... those guys are funny!

Hendrick said...

I told you.

He's very sensitive about his new bff's.


Jessica B. said...

Well I think that was fantastic! I always enjoy a good satire! I'm just glad to know that all the other ships are perfectly safe and that the "environment" was in no way harmed...why can't all our news be that cheerful?!?! :) Thanks for sharing!