Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good Stuff

ANYTHING that inspires hours of creativity in my kids gets two thumbs up from this mom.

We checked The Shape Game out at the library.

The story is cute.

The pictures are beautiful.

The paintings in the story are stunning. We sat on the couch together carefully studying, examining and talking about each one.

And we're not art people.

Then, at the end, the book briefly talks about the shape game, where one person draws a random shape and then the other person has to incorporate that random shape into a real picture.

I remember playing this as a kid, but had forgotten about it.

The boys immediately wanted to play...all three of the older ones.

They sat at the table for the LONGEST time doodling, then trading off their shape to one of their brothers who had to use his creativity to make up a picture out of the shape.

I was blown away by their pictures and their ideas. They were constantly impressed with one another.

Hayden explained it best...

"We just can't stop doing this, mom!"

I highly recommend this book!

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D.O. said...

Can we see pictures of their creations?

Oh, and I have absolutely no problem with the amount of times you came up on my Reader today. I've already contacted CASA and that page of kids in my area just ruins me every time. Thank you.