Monday, November 24, 2008

32 ... and still hot

(Obviously, this is Aaron writing this post. It would be a little weird if Heather wrote about how hot she was despite the fact that today is her 32nd birthday.)

Today is my wife's birthday.

She's had 32 years of living and learning and becoming the most amazing woman I know.
The years have made her godly and I am constantly amazed and challenged by her faith and obedience as she serves the Lord.

The years have made her wise and have given her the opportunity to shape the lives of countless young women and blog-readers.

The years have seen miracles of grace, protection, and provision as God has done His work in her life.

The years have brought us closer in our relationship and more intimate than I could have ever imagined.

The years have seen children added to our family through pregnancy and through adoption.

And yet, the years have failed to make her any less beautiful than the day we were married.
She's 32 today. And she's all stressed out about it.

But I think it's awesome.

Because now that she's 32 I can say that I've known Heather for half of her life. And from here on out, our years together will out number our years apart.
(We haven't actually been married for half of our lives yet ... that will come when we're 38.)

I love you honey.

Happy Birthday.

* Author's Note: I realize that it would probably be out of line for many of you to comment on her hotness. But feel free to leave comments regarding any of her other great qualities and to wish her happy birthday.

Wife's Note: Feel free to comment about my hotness. Just comment anonymously. Kidding. Kind of. I'm laughing.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful daughter that a father ever had!

I am so very proud of you Dear and your fantastic family.

I hope you have a really great day and so look forward to seeing you on Thursday.


One Crowded House said...

Happy Birthday Heather!!!

Molly said...

Happy Birthday, one day late! What a sweet post Aaron! I hope it was a great day! What a beautiful picture of you and Hudson!

And 32 is YOUNG lady bug! You're just starting out!


Jenn said...

I can attest.

I am a girl who has been extremely blessed from Christ in Heather. I've taken classes, watched her family, read her blog ... and the Lord has GREATLY used this woman in my life. I can't even IMAGINE how the Lord is going to continue to use her over the next years!

Everytime I read Colossians 3 I think about Heather and the things chapter-specific that I've learned from her.

Today I'm praising God for you Heather!

Jennifer Bacak said...

Happy Birthday, my dear sweet friend! I have many sweet things to say to you, but I'm not writing them all on your blog...I will include them in your card today! See you later, and know I'm thanking God for you like crazy!

The Kramer Family said...

Happy Birthday sweet Heather!!!

I'm so thankful that the Lord made us family and then friends. You are a blessing to me and our family in so many ways.

I totally think you are a hottie! You don't look a day over 25.

We are celebrating you today!


thoughtsbyryan said...

Hey... Happy Birthday! Fun times...

So, yeah... I'm not going to comment about your "hotness" or anything (although that is an interesting choice in photos... super spicy with the baby and all). But, seriously... thanks for always not being afraid to challenge me and others... even when it hurts sometimes and I'm super awkward others.

You're cool.

Clayton and Leslie said...

Wow. Thank you, Heather, for being you and being so open and honest about how far yall have come and how close God has brought the two of yall. And thank you, Aaron, for saying what you say about Heather. It's so encouraging to hear/see/read about this amazing thing that's happened in your family and then realize... you mean... I get to do this too with Les?? Seriously, how awesome is that?! Happy Birthday, Heather!

Bob & Judy said...

The other day, I was talking with a Mexican friend, and she was speaking English. Pronunciation is always tricky, and sometimes you say things you wish you hadn't. But when she said something about her daughter-in-love, I decided it was not a mistake - it was just the way we feel about you.

It's harder and harder, as years go by, to call you anything but "Daughter."

We love you. Happy Birthday. Your card will be late - as usual.

Grandma and Poppi

Kirby said...

She is still so stinking HOT! Did anyone else see her at church on Sunday?

and WISE...these are the only two reasons I'm not freaking out about turning 25 in a couple months. I've always said that people just goes downhill (in the bad way) after turning 25. But, seriously, if the years bring me even just a fraction of wisdom and make me less of a wreck and more like Christ that each year has brought you...I can't wait to be like...50!

And...thanks, again, for being my 24 hour helpline...I promise I wasn't calling at midnight just to be the first (or probably second to Aaron) to wish you Happy Birthday. I love that you will take phonecalls from me at anytime of the day. You're good to me.

Can't wait to celebrate YOU!

Hendrick Family said...

I have been so sweetly and dearly loved today!

I have been in a constant state of "just about to cry."

God is so good to me, and I have thought, over and over today how little I deserve...and yet how much is given to me.

What precious people I get to know and be known by!

I love you!


D.O. said...

I'm so dang thankful to Jesus for putting this lady in my life (and for convincing her to let me be a part of hers).

So too I know that my non-blog-reading parents are thankful that this lady took up the role of my mother while I was "away" in college.

For everything from countless varieties of cream cheese delights to call-D.O.-out-on-how-dumb-he's-being, I'm utterly thankful.

Happy B, Heavier!

Bill & Heather said...

Happy Birthday from Gernenzville.

Mrs. H. said...

Happy Birthday Heather! :-)