Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thanks Thomas Edison!

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Inspired by today's topic, I took the boys on the back porch and said...

"It looks like it is about to rain. If it does rain, I'm going to lock the back door. You can't come in. So, using what you can find in the back yard, make yourself a shelter that will keep you dry."


Here's where girls and boys differ greatly.

If someone had told me what I told them, I would have started crying and beating on the back door.

Not boys.

They got so excited. They were whooping and yelling and saying, "Yes!"

They got to work...hard work.

Some of the boards took all three of them to carry.

And then it started raining...

And they stayed nice and dry.

I've never seen them so proud of themselves!

We love you Thomas Edison.

You might be dead...but we love you.


Aaron said...

Them's my boys!

Way to go guys.

I knew all those episodes of Man Vs. Wild would pay off.


Joshua said...

Man vs Wild? I don't see them throwing up in any of those pictures...

Man that's awesome. My parents' backyard slopes off and there's a creek that runs between their yard and the one behind it. I love my mom but she was way too neurotic and we couldn't go down to the creek without an adult until we were in high school. I know it's a little different because you can't see the creek from the backdoor, but my point is:

Way to go on encouraging adventure in your boys. I know moms always want to protect their children, but I think your boys will really appreciate this kind of thing!

Andrea said...

That's awesome!

4sofar said...

Ha! I love it! Man we miss you guys. We finally started a blog...go see it! Love you guys!


The Kramer Family said...

Yes! That's so great. Your uncle is going to be super proud of this structure when I show it to him.

I must agree that KK would have most definitely started bawling and banging on the door.

D.O. said...

YES!!! Man... so awesome. Great job guys! I'm proud of y'all.