Friday, October 24, 2008

Sushi Social

We've always wanted to learn to make sushi...well, not always. I guess I should say since we decided to try sushi, we've wanted to learn to make it.

We asked Cody and Chelsea to come over and teach us!

We also invited other friends over for the fun.

Here's what you need from the store:

Sushi rice
rice vinegar
Nori (Seaweed wraps)
Imitation Crab sticks (probably 3 pkgs)
Louisiana Hot sauce
Popcorn shrimp, you can find these in the freeze section. (cook them)
Salmon (cooked)
The hot seasoning that gets sprinkled on top (from the sushi stand)
edamame (green bean yum!)

Yes...we're sushi wimps. Everything we eat is cooked. Anson is the only one in our family that loves raw sushi...isn't that nuts?

Soy sauce
Cream cheese

All us friends divided up the list and contributed some ingredients!

First....we washed the rice until the water ran clear.

That sounds easy to do...well, it wasn't. Good luck.

We made four servings, according to the directions on the bag.

Then, we put the rice in the rice cooker.

A rice cooker is a MUST have! If you're still cooking rice the old fashioned, frustrating way...girl...stop that. You need a rice cooker! I got mine from the girl who did my nails in college. Really...I did.

It's wonderful, because you just put the rice inside, and then click a button and "All around the peanut butter and jelly sandwich," you have perfect rice every time!

Mine has a "keep warm" function. This means, the rice can stay good for three days in the cooker. When I make a rice dish, I plan to make another rice dish the next night, or the day after that. And, my kids love eating rice with butter, salt, pepper and shredded cheddar for lunch. That's gross...but they love it.

Then we started chopping up stuff.

You can see all that on the slide show.

After everything is cut up, ready to use, then it's time to make some sushi rolls.

If you are going to do this yourself, I recommend getting someone to show you how, in person the first time.

It was kind of tricky at first.

You'll see in the slide show that the cream cheese was in a ziplock put it in there, snip the end and then squeeze the cream cheese onto the roll.

If rice gets stuck on your hands, you get to dip them in water dishes. It sort of felt like a sushi making class/manicure. Awesome.

If your knife gets rice on it, you have to wipe it clean between cuts.

This is such a fun, messy, creative thing to make. We loved it!

Everyone can build their own sushi creation.

I tried to capture the evening in pictures...enjoy!

The night started off normal, and then sort of morphed into bizarre.

That seems to be a common pattern around here.

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We had so much fun.

Chelsea really was the best teacher in the world (probably because she's a teacher in real life).

She came home from a hard day at school, and then worked like a machine making our sushi and showing us what to do.

We love you, Chelsea! Thank you for sharing your sushi skills and for serving us last night!

This was my favorite thing we've done so far for relationship week.

Eating food with friends is very fun, but this time we got to cook together and then eat together.

Precious times!

We still have a huge tub of sushi in the refrigerator.

We had no idea how much we made, because we kept making plates and putting them in the refrigerator. By the time we ate, we realized we made a RIDICULOUS amount of sushi.

You might have gotten a phone call last night, asking if you wanted to come get some. Aaron was trying hard to get rid of some of the sushi.

Come to find out, not many people like sushi.

You don't know what you're missing!


Heather Diaz said...

How fun! I love it! My husband and I have only recently discovered sushi about a year ago, and it has changed our lives!! I was always so scared to try it because it honestly sounded so disgusting...
It does make for an expensive night out including paying the babysitter, so I'm definitely looking into this "making it at home" idea. Good friends, sushi, and lots of laughs...what a great night!!

The Duty's said...


I'm pretty sure I know why we weren't invited to the sushi social...there wasn't a thing on that table that Duty's eat! ha! We'll be looking for our invitations on (cooked)meat and potatoes night.

Glad ya'll had fun!


4sofar said...

So here were some of the thoughts that went through my mind as I watched your slideshow...eeww, gross! she serious raw fish?...oh good, some cooked stuff in them too...uvula? lololol!...gosh McLayne is adorable!...did she get her 4 year old to try it too? Is so she is amazing!...aww, I remember sitting around that table...wish we were there. We miss you guys and hope to come visit soon...maybe after Christmas sometime.