Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And the Winner Is...


She's also an EARLY riser! I had to put the video on this morning bright and early before we left for the Renaissances Festival.

Congrats, Jenny!

The song was Belly of the Whale by the Newsboys.

Is it just me, or does the lead singer wear eyeliner?

Just wondering.

And I would like to officially be on the record for being against eye liner on men, even if they are in bands.


Andy said...

Does Ashton take requests? I would love to see his rendition of this:

Joshua said...

yes. He does wear eyeliner. I saw them several years back on their "Shine: The Hits" tour. The eyeliner thing is kinda creepy, but they put on an amazing show if you ever get to see them.

Hendrick Family said...

You know...

Aaron took our kids to a Newsboys concert one time. Hayden fell asleep in the middle of it...and he wasn't a baby. He was 5. It wasn't even very late at all.

Who can fall asleep in the middle of a loud concert?



holly becton said...

My brother (at age TEN) fell asleep in the middle of TobyMac one time. True story.

Craig Weaver said...

creepily enough...he has it tatooed on. not a joke. the man actually has eyeliner tatooed on his face. this comes from an actual conversation years ago that started as follows..."so...do actually have that stuff tatooed on...?" the conversation went downhill from there.

i dont know exactly what that says...but it dang sure says something.

and i fell asleep at a Huey Lewis concert one time. for about four songs..woke up...and left halfway through. the heart of rock and roll just wasnt beating that night.