Monday, October 20, 2008

And the Winner Is...


Thanks for playing today and listening to my white boy trying to be a rapp-uh.

My favorite parts this week were...

When Ashton sounded like he was going through puberty. Nice.

The heavy breathing.

And how "What you shamed of" became "Shame-O."


Here's the song Ashton was singing...we only included the part he was actually singing on the video. So funny!


Kari said...

How can I win, when I didn't know the answer!?!?

I like that!!!!

I can't believe no one guessed!!

Thanks for letting me play (and WIN) without knowing the answers!!!

Keep crankin' the tunes, Ashton!

Hendrick Family said...

You are a GOOF BALL! A different Kari won! I'm laughing so hard at you right now.