Friday, September 12, 2008

Yikes for Ike

So...I guess there is a hurricane coming to College Station.

I found out yesterday at the swimming pool.

I know...hush it up...I should watch the news...or just listen when out in public...that would be super.

I read about the hurricane on Lynsey's blog...and yet, still thought..."Man, that's bad...I hope they are going to be ok...I'm glad there isn't a hurricane here."

Then later, I realized that Lynsey only lives thirty minutes from me...and hurricanes are fat, so if it comes and sits on Brenham, it will also be sitting on me.

After I found out about the hurricane, I asked Aaron some very important questions...

"How will we see if the lights go out?"

He says we have some flashlights.

"How do you flush your potties if there isn't any water?"

He said, "You don't."

"What if someone has to poo? Then what do you do? Leave it in the potty?"

He said he's going to fill our bathtubs up with water and then use that water to flush our toilet.


But I'm glad.

Then he tied our trampoline, that he is now calling "a sail" to the swing set in the back yard.

Apparently he's worried those things might fly through the fence, or even more into the dining room.

Kroger had cops guarding the doors.

People were fighting over water.

There was only one loaf of bread left...and it was sourdough...from the bakery.

Grown ups had baskets filled with water and pop tarts and batteries.

College students had baskets filled with beer.

We're not very prepared over here...I mean, besides keeping the swingset out of the living room, we really aren't all that ready for a major catastrophe to happen.

Yesterday was my grocery shopping day, and I didn't go...because it was nuts, and I'm unaccustomed to shopping in a place that needs police supervision.

We have less food in our house today than any other day of the week.

But I figure...

It's okay not to be ultra prepared, because right now, I could probably name about 10 people I know that will be SUPER, MEGA prepared...and we're just going to go to their house.

My favorite part of all this is saying the word, "hunkering."

We're "hunkering" down over here getting ready for the hurricane.

Now, that's just fun to say.


Landreneau Family said...

HEATHER! Tell Aaron he should take the enclosure off the trampoline and flip it upside down. Our friend's trampoline blew out of their yard during a tropical storm and it was tied down.

Ours is flipped, tied and staked with tent stakes.

Praying for you!


Kari said...

See, I don't feel so bad now!! :>)

I didn't realize anything until yesterday after I taught and picked up Kru from Kelli's.

I guess I'm not from Texas, and I can't say that I have ever been in any part of a hurricane, but we aren't really prepared here either, but not too sure of what we really need to do.

We are far from Houston, and I realize we will get a lot of rain and wind, but I also lived in Seaside Oregon where we had 80-100 mph wind regularly!

So, I guess I'm looking forward to the rain and wind??? :)

Jennifer H said...

Man, the Kroger thing scares me a litle. I was just about to head that direction. We may just figure out who is prepared and invade them!
Thanks for the heads up.
Jenn H

Andrea said...

No, you have to say "hunkerin'"! That's funny, I posted about that too. I guess I'm not the only one that noticed the use of these wonderful Texan terms.....

We're in Tomball, evacuated from Lake Jackson which is only 15 minutes from Surfside. So.... we'll see if we have a house left when this is all over.

Take care and "hunker down"!

pbmciver said...

I wasn't prepared either. I finally went to Walmart in Bryan last night and they were totally out of bread and the milk I buy so I didn't get either one. They were actually low on lots of stuff. I leave there and decide to get the Murphy USA gas and people were lined up like it was the .99 cent special they had quite a few years ago. I put gas in my car - though I hated getting in that line but my car and shelbi's were both on empty so I thought I better a least put fuel in mine while I was out. Warren is in charge of fuel deliveries at his Aunt's Shell stations and he said the guys are delivering gas round the clock because everybody keeps running out of fuel. I feel sorry for those poor fuel delivery guys! As I am coming home I decide to try C.S. Walmart and yep they had bread. I had to buy white bread, but I didn't care because I was able to find bread. I call my sister and niece and see if they needed bread, lol. Then I go to Walgreens and they had milk so I am prepared. Didn't get a lot of food though because I couldn't concentrate at the big walmart. I have to shop in peace so I am able to think about what I need - but I don't think it would have mattered much as there wasn't lots to choose from anyway. I am a candle maker so I have plenty of candles if power goes out. Shoot, I should have gotten marshmallows - could always roast them with the flame from the candles, lol. I pray that my aunt's vacation house at Galveston will be left with as little damage as possible. Her house is only one block from the seawall. Galveston is already flooding bad and the eye is 240 miles from Galveston so it is going to be a doozy of a storm. I am watching Fox news and some lady called in and she is riding the storm out in Galveston. She thinks she will be safe but with it flooding I am worried for her. They said that I-45 into Galveston is already flooding so people that haven't left may not be able to get out.

The Kramer Family said...

If you see a chicken coop fly past your window, you know who to call! Its not likely to happen since you bro barricaded everything with bales of hay. Its literally surrounding everything around here.

We literally have no idea what to expect since are on top of a hill. I'm just thankful Jason doesn't have to go in Saturday morning.

Call us if the power goes out. Aunt D's generator could run a small village and since one lives within your four walls, bring it on!

love you and hunkerin' with ya!

The Kramer Family said...

How many times do need to say 'literally' in one comment???? Geez. I think that the more I say it the more serious people will take me for some reason.

brickmomma said...

i have said hunkering about seven times today!!!

Rhonda said...

Isn't Galveston where you went to get Hudson? I keep thinking you guys live there but I don't think that's the case. Although you don't know me, I read your blog quite regular! :) Everyone there in TX is in our prayers and we're reminded every time we head to the gas station that something MAJOR is going on over there! ;) Hope you guys are all safe...waiting for a post to make sure!!

Reba said...

Apparently we should have done something with ours (and I am not even in Texas). Our trampoline is in our neighbor's yard...went over a nice size fence and everything. I do NOT like Ike!