Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Pure Magic

All those sleepless nights

the bags under my eyes

the emails I've written that make no sense

the times I've jumped out of bed to make sure he hadn't died in his

All the work it has taken to nurse this child

All the times he has peed on me

spit up on me

pooed on me

All the times I've thought...

Am I too old for this?

Will I ever sleep?

Will I ever not feel so overwhelmed and outnumbered?

All those things seem like so much

so much time

so much work

so much energy

And then they smile at you for the first time...

And in that moment you think...

I don't care if I ever sleep again.


Hendrick Family said...

See his dimple?

I'm sorry ya'll...but dang, my baby is cute.


Grandma said...

Something in ya just melts. And it's hard not to just sit there and coax the next smile. And the next one. And the next one.

pbmciver said...

That is one sweet smile! And yes - I see the dimple and it is just too cute. Makes me want to put my hands through my screen and pinch those cute cheeks!

The Kramer Family said...

My nephew is soooooooo adorable. I seriously can't get over him. His little dimples are amazing.

Love ya!

Molly said...

Thanks for sharing. I was missing that cute little face! How I wish I lived closer to you all! Oh, those sleepless nights will get ya won't they??? I dread it, but welcome it at the same time!

The Mosiers said...

Your baby is cute! I just can't get over that sweet little smile.

We miss you guys like crazy!

One Crowded House said...

He is precious!!!

bighousetx said...

Oh my gosh, I could just eat him up. Those cheeks are absolutely precious. Yeah, I think sleep is highly overrated compared to that smile.

The Kramer Family said...

Just came back for another glance of those dimples to get me through the rest of my day and I noticed something.....

Would that be D.O. who Hudson is smiling at or is holding Hudson? I'll really be jealous if it is.

I think the hair gave it away in one of them:).

Hendrick Family said...

No...not D.O.

It's Aaron with Hayden's mop head behind him!

pbmciver said...

haha...Heather I was wondering if ya just hadn't made time to shave - good to hear it is Aaron holding Hudson and not you, lol.

Anonymous said...

OH man. THAT is heart-melting right there. I THOUGHT I didn't really have that deep desire to have another baby in my house....until I saw THAT. Thanks. Thanks for that. :)

I love you,


Kelly Owen said...

Awwww that's absolutely precious! It makes me so excited for the day that Riley will smile too.

Thanks for all of your advice lately. It has been a huge help. You're a blessing to me and so many other new moms I'm sure.

D.O. said...

Yeah, I wasn't able to get that out of him... but I'm pretty sure he adores me.

And yes, dang cute.

Landreneau Family said...

My goodness, I could eat that dimple! So precious.